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Twitter’s Ferdinand & Rooney Plea For End To London Riots

August 9, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Online social networking site Twitter can be used by the likes of just about anyone, be it the Joe Blogs down the street or a famous celebrity. In the past the news has varied from sportsmen/women venting their frustrations or anger by Tweet, news of tributes to a star that’s passed away, the most recent was music artist Amy Winehouse, details of a natural disaster such as the Chinese Earthquake and Tsunami and so on. Over the last few days, Twitter has since an increase in its traffic due to the riots that are taking place not just in London, but spreading to other parts of the country.

In sickening scenes since the death of Tottenham’s Mark Duggan, protesters have been taking to the streets across London, injuring police officers, setting fire to buildings and cars, smashing shop fronts, looting goods and so on. As of yet calm has not prevailed, with many questioning whether the police have done enough to get the situation under control, what the government are doing and whether social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even BlackBerry’s Messenger are to blame for the majority of the violence.

Today we venture into yet another day of riots, but with England and Manchester Utd football players venting their anger towards the violence with a plea for it to stop. According to, celebrity players Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney have taken to Twitter to talk about the friendly game tomorrow which was scheduled against England and Holland, news is now pointing to the game being cancelled because of the trouble youths have brought onto the city.

Carling Cup matches have been postponed until an end to the riots has been announced, Wayne Rooney tweeted, “These riots are nuts why would people do this to their own country Own city. This is embarrassing for our country. Stop please.”

Reasons to the rioting have included many saying its down to unemployment and lack of money, this has sparked up massive debates on social networking sites. Rooney himself tweeted, “So because they don’t work it’s ok to burn down buildings and break into homes do me a favour. And stop talking rubbish.”

Rooney’s team mate Ferdinand said, “London’s burning, riots galore…what will this solve?? The scenes on Sky news right now are shocking.. what is this all in aid of?? Innocent peoples homes + livelihoods have gone up in smoke-why? It seems these kids/people have no fear or respect for the police… maybe the army will get that respect?? And I am not saying bring violence, I am saying the presence of the army may make these kids/people think twice about continuing this??”

Give us your thoughts on the entire situation? Are you or have you been affected in any way? Let us know whether you agree with the footballers’ tweets?

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