The London Riots: Fuelled By Social Media Or Not?

Many people around the world are glued to the Internet and their TV sets tracking all of the happenings in London and around England as the riots continue. We have just seen some reports on a UK News channel that the London riots are being fuelled by social media but are they really?

As you come to learn there are two sides to a coin and the same can be said for almost every situation. Whilst reports from the likes of the are saying that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) played a key role whilst police were keeping a watchful eye on Facebook and Twitter which are two of the most popular social networks.

Now they continue to monitor them for further signs of unrest as we have had a few nights of riots in the capital. Ealing seems to have been one of the worst hit places and there’s a video at the bottom of the article showing riot police being pushed back by many people throwing different things at them.

If you watch what happens with social media and social networking then you will also have seen the more sincere side of Twitter where things like #PrayForLondon and #RiotCleanup where people are gathering together to try and help sort things out in London. There are also various Facebook pages being setup for one of the causes of the riots and that is titled “R.I.P Mark Duggan” and for those who are unaware of who he is you can read through Maddie Rowe’s report by clicking here. Just checking over the Facebook page, people are suggesting that the actual reasoning for the riots is as a protest against police brutality.

UPDATE: New sites are starting with images of people looting, these will be passed onto police for justice.

UPDATE 2: The MET Police has started its own Flickr showing images of suspects.

We leave you with a couple of questions… Firstly, do you think Social Media has fuelled the riots and secondly, what has happened to this country? Let us know your thoughts and feelings on this whole situation.