Sony’s Misfortune: London Rioters Torch, Impact On Goods

Today the harrowing scenes in London are laid bear for all to see. TV, the internet, radio channels, social networking sites and so on have all been reporting on the spreading riots that are taking over the City as well as other parts of the country. Mindless protesters have been smashing their way around different boroughs in London with damage seen to vehicles, shops, burnt out buildings as well as those responsible helping themselves to goods.

As well as injured police and those who have had their livelihoods affected, big technology company Sony are also bearing the brunt of the riots which have escalated since the weekend. If it wasn’t bad enough that the gaming and tech giants have had to restore their brand over the last few months with the Sony PSN outage and subsequent hacks thereafter, a London warehouse of goods has now been burnt to the ground.

Many people will now be affected from this, Sony themselves, staff and of course consumers. The warehouse which was attacked in Enfield, London was the only one in England, and according to, some 20,000 square meters of consumable goods has gone, this has included PS3 games, DVD’s, CD’s and so on, with the company stating that supplies throughout the country will definitely be affected.

As reported, there will now be a detrimental effect on the music industry. CD’s played a big part of the stock and record labels as stated such as Domino and the Beggars Group who coincidentally represent singers such as Adele and Gil Scott-Heron, will now have to pick themselves up.

In reaction to the attack, one music analyst said, “This will have a massive effect on the industry. This is really terrible news, especially for the smaller independents. This was their warehouse.”

In a statement from Yoko Yusukochi, based at Japan’s headquarters said, “There will likely be some impact on deliveries. We cannot determine the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage yet because it’s not possible to enter the building.” Thankfully no-one was injured or even killed.

Check out some of our articles in which over the weekend, saw an increase in traffic due to the shooting of Mark Duggan. This as many said sparked the riots to start. Other posts we’ve brought you have included whether social media is to blame for the riots? Another is that footballers Rooney & Ferdinand have taken to Twitter to plea to protesters, a cleanup operation is in full swing to reclaim the London streets and so on.

Tell us where you stand with the London riots? Will Sony come back from this, are you an avid PS3 gamer? You have to feel for Sony.

  • Sydney @ Social Dynamics

    I was floored when I first learned about this. And how it started, I’m still a little bit confused on that one? Is it because of that slain person that was a victim of the police? Did it start there? Now this horrifying looting and riots, I just, wow. Pretty brutal and scary.