Samsung Galaxy S II All Blinged Up & Ready To Go

Dressing your device is probably one of the most important things to do once you’ve taken delivery, for some practicability and hard wearing takes top spot where as others decide to go more for the decorative route. The smartphone protection business is one of the largest markets to conquer, with so many aftermarket manufacturers pushing their products with the ultimate accessory.

Thanks to Phones Review we have some cases for you to feast your eyes on, that not only protect your device but will bling it up at the same time. Samsung’s Galaxy S II, the ultimate in smartphones just recently released in many countries barr the US, which is set to all change on or around the 12th August with carrier Verizon in tow (live sign up page here). In the past we’ve given you details of retailers stocking the Sammy handset as well as, benchmark tests, comparisons, how to top up your battery with basic pointers, news of a white version coming on September 1st, with another that Nokia’s N9 camera equals that of the Galaxy S II but can take a photo in a staggering 1.2 seconds.

So what can we tell you about the newest Galaxy S II accessories? “Bling My Thing” have now bought us some hard cases to protect your handset from scratches, bumps, drops and so on. Although 5 have been reported, we’ve just given you 3 from the list to give you a taster. The first that we liked is that of the Bling My Thing Splash which comes in the colour black with the addition of Swarovski sparkle. From the image which you can see below, the Splash forms a snug fit around the handset with easy removability for a cosy price of £19.99. Another to bear in mind with the Splash is that it comes in a shocking pink colour.

Next up is that of the Bling My Thing Milky Way Pink Mix for a cost of £31.99, this although not available yet, can be pre-ordered. Again protecting from harm, the Pink Mix features Swarovski elements with ready to use port connectivity.

Lastly the Bling My Thing Milky Way Cotton Candy hard case gets the thumbs up from us. For a price of £31.99 this case is in stock. As you can see from the picture, the crystals are detailed in different colours in a wave like appearance.

Tell us your favorite(s)? Or perhaps you have an Galaxy S II accessory you would like to share with us? How are you getting on with your newest addition, any problems or plain sailing?