MacBook Air Similarities: Acer Aspire 3951 Proclaimed

Interest for Apple’s MacBook Air device has by no means slowed down. Just recently the tech company announced a refresh including its 2011 models, specs and of course pricing with consumers being able to get their hands on them straight away. But if we just put the Air to one side for a moment, another device from Acer will be arriving during the month of October with a very similar specs listing.

As Luke Westaway from Cnet reported, the new Aspire 3951 has been spotted in some photos courtesy of a site in Vietnam by the name of Sohoa. Sporting a ultra-thin design, the Aspire is reported to weigh in at approximately 1.4kg with a thickness of approximately 13mm. In screen size, both the Aspire and the Air will incorporate a 13.3-inch but its the inclusion of Intel SSD’s that caught our eye.

According to Chris Davies over at Slashgear, Acer will be offering the Aspire with a Sandy Bridge Intel Core processor and its customers the option to either upgrade from a standard 250GB hard drive to a 500GB HDD or a 160GB SSD. Our very own Debbie touched on the subject of SSD’s and their relation to the new MacBook Air models at the end of July. It was reported that not all devices were running with the same SSD’s, therefore models were running at different performance speeds, something of which customers were disappointed with.

Acer’s offering also benefits from an HDMI port which is something the Air lacks, Windows 7 instead of the new Mac OS X with the Acer reported to have a runtime of at least 6 hours. Engadget were keen to share with us that the Aspire is reported to boot up quickly with a “Sleep Mode” comeback feature of 1.7 seconds.

Bluetooth 4.0 and an HD webcam will be included for connectivity purposes, but as much as it sounds impressive, if we put it to one side, the price is still a huge factor when choosing between the Apple and Acer.

Due to be released in the month of October, the Aspire is expected to retail for approximately $768 to $960 or converted £472 and £590.

So tell us what your thoughts are? Would you be tempted to steer away from the Apple logo and save some pennies?