iPhone 5 Inevitable: RadioShack iPhone 4 Price Dropping

At the present time, all our hopes are now edged on a September release for Apple’s iPhone 5 handset. Although a date hasn’t been etched out in stone, circling rumors have for sometime been pointing to this month, so all we can do, is to keep everything crossed.

Until officially announced from head honcho Steve Jobs, we have no idea as to what the next-generation device will look like, its specifications, price and of course name. Up until now we’ve called it the iPhone 5 with yet another the 4S due to run alongside it, but anything can change between now and its imminent arrival.

Before we look back at some of the possible features, along with those that just really wont cut it, we can tell you that US retailer RadioShack have now lowered the price of the iPhone 4 for the second time. According to Rue Liu over at Slashgear, the iPhone 4 sale will last up until August 20th when the promotion will then expire. This follows on from a recent sale that lasted for one week.

In case you’re wondering what models the sale relates to, then we can happily say that its all iPhone versions. All will benefit from a $30 discount, with figures last time bringing the iPhone 5’s predecessor down from $199 to $169. To some this may not be substantial enough to tempt them into purchasing the year old iPhone 4 but its still a saving!

Added to this, if you decide to trade in an iPhone 3G or 3GS, then you could benefit from at least $150 towards an iPhone 4 which as Rue explained, would bring the 16GB price down to just $19 and the 32GB to $119.

In the last few weeks, we’ve wondered whether the iPhone 5 will indeed make its entrance in September, with recent rumors suggesting that it wouldn’t come until October. Ok, so the iPhone 4 still remains popular and we know there’s plenty of you out there waiting on the new device, but its got to be something pretty special when you put it up against the likes of Motorola’s Droid Bionic, Samsung’s Galaxy S II or even some others such as the Nexus 4G and so on.

With retailers such as RadioShack and even Target dropping iPhone prices which we reported on at the beginning of this month, can only fuel the fire that the iPhone 5 is now inevitable and hopefully not too far away! In terms of rumored specifications, there are plenty, with suggestion that it will have a different sized display, 8 megapixel camera (even 3D), possible Near Field Communication (NFC), Voice Awareness, no 16GB storage, lower price plan and so on.

Are you tempted by RadioShack’s iPhone deals? Would you prefer to now wait for the iPhone 5 however long it takes?