Motorola Droid Bionic FCC News: 4.3-inch Display Confirmed

The Motorola Droid Bionic coming to Verizon has to be one of the most hotly talked about smartphones so far this year and we seem to have been talking about it for most of the year. Unfortunately rumored release dates and specs have come and gone but today at last we have news from freshly released FCC documents, which confirm a 4.3-inch qHD display rather than the 4.5-inch one that was widely rumored.

Whether this is disappointing for the many of you who we know have been waiting for the Bionic will depend purely on your personal choice. Although we know from comments to our previous articles that a lot of you were keen for a 4.5-inch display, there were others who felt that was simply too big. We’ve followed developments for this handset closely and given you all the latest news and speculation as we’ve heard it. News of the released information today from the FCC comes to us from Droid-Life and it seems that recently leaked images of the device were indeed the real deal.

Potential Droid Bionic customers have had to be ultra-patient up until now but at least the latest rumored release date in September that we told you about a few days ago does seem to be plausible with September 8 seeming to be the most likely date. You can check out all the newly confirmed FCC information about the Droid Bionic at the link and will be able to find user manuals, internal and exterior images and much more. Adam Mills over on Gotta Be Mobile, sourced from Android Central, has also reported on this FCC documentation and along with what we already knew such as the Droid Bionics’ 4G connectivity, dual-core processor and hopefully a 1900mAh battery it also seems the Bionic will also have a microHDMI slot.

Along with this there also appears to be a new mystery as the user manual appears to list some details on world phone GSM capabilities. This is rather confusing though as there has been no mention of this possibility before but the opportunity of a 4G LTE, dual-core handset that was also a world phone would please a great deal of people. However Mills also notes that the user manual listed by the FCC also seems to have information in it from other device manuals so for now we’ll wait and see on this one. It would certainly be an interesting development though, if the Droid Bionic after this long wait also turned out to be a world phone.

Have you been waiting for the Droid Bionic? What are your thoughts on the 4.3-inch display rather than the 4.5-inch whopper that was widely rumored? Would it affect your decision on purchasing the Droid Bionic or not? Let us know with your comments.

  • Rex_D

    What a let down. Why is it that Verizon can’t seem to compete with their phones?