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Google+, Twitter or Facebook: Which Is Your Network Of Choice?

When it comes to social networking you now have a very diverse range of them that you can sign up to. They are all very different and when you think about Google+, Twitter and Facebook we want to know which your network of choice is? We will go through a few and point out their positive and negative points and then you just comment with any additions and which your favorite is.

First of all let’s start with the biggest of them all… Facebook. This network has become quite a focus of OSM mainly because of the number of scams we have seen on it; we see perhaps 5 or 6 per week in the same format of survey scams along with a few malware threats too. On the other hand, with it being the largest social network you can keep in contact and chat with friends and family as you please as well as looking at their snaps. The only worries with Facebook at the moment is security, raising awareness of the scams and the fact that they go ahead and make changes without them being properly test. Take the new Facebook Chat functionality, it simply doesn’t work as we have suggested in previous reports.

Google+, Twitter or Facebook: Which Is Your Network Of Choice?

Next up let’s think about Twitter, this is a network that has grown considerably in the last year or so with people following their favorite celebrities, teams and generally talking about different things. An example of talked about topics would be today’s Charity Shield football match between Manchester United and Manchester City where goalkeeper De Gea was being compared to ex Man U flop Massimo Taibi. We are recognizing that Twitter is becoming more and more deeply intertwined with the sporting world and it seems that it may continue to do so.

Google+ would be described as the new kid on the block; it’s fresh and different to everything else out there. It also has the backing of the most successful and seamless search engine that it shares its name with… Google. The fact that they have the search engine on side should mean that this bad boy becomes the most popular of the networks as Google can direct traffic as they wish. As things stand they are still in the beta stages where the criteria is that you are over 18-years old and you have been invited by someone who is already a member, even with that all in place the number of users is now soaring over 25 million. That is quite a large number when you think it’s only been live for around 5 weeks!

So come on people, tell us what you like and don’t like about each network and also which your favorite is in the comments section below.