T-Mobile “Massive Battery Draining”: G2 Issue, You Affected?

Have you currently got an Android handset working on T-Mobile’s network? If so we would be interested to hear what? As you’ll be aware, there are a huge number of smartphones on the current market and many in the pipeline, with one such question many consumers want to know and that’s how much battery life the device will give? From past readers’ comments, it seems that Apple’s iPhone is a clear winner when it comes to battery life, it only takes a short time to charge the device up and it lasts, whilst the HTC Thunderbolt since release, has been plagued with poor life resulting in many consumers only have a few hours.

Ok, so when you decide on your purchase, there are many other features that fit into the equation before you part with your money, one is of the processor giving you that overall power and speed, another may be that of a camera and how many megapixels, price is an important factor and sometimes the actual carrier.

Concentrating on the topic of battery life, T-Mobile have experienced a number of customer complaints concerning “massive battery drains” and particularly that of the G2. It seems a fair few of you have raised the issue and in support of its customers, T-Mobile have set up a support thread, giving those affected somewhere to voice their comments.

The carrier set up a support forum on July 28th and its hoped that with the information left, T-Mobile will have a clearer picture of what the problems are before they address and rectify them. Other handsets on the same carrier are also affected but predominately its the G2 that has had the most criticism.

As Ubergizmo pointed out, a new Android 2.3 Gingerbread update has just been implemented on the G2 so many have asked whether this may be affecting the handset’s battery life, this we doubt but tell us what you think?

We would be interested to hear if you are experiencing a battery drain with your phone, if so tell us what handset you have and how much life you have in your device before it dies?

  • Seth Purdy

    The issue is occurring on MANY phones on the T-Mobile areas affected, not just the G2. It seems to be a problem with a change to the HSPA+ service in many areas that causes lots of phones to constantly operate the 3G radio.

    It’s also NOT an application or OS update issue. My phone, a Google Nexus One, had been running Gingerbread 2.3.4 for weeks without issue, along with the same set of applications. Starting July 26th the battery life took a dive, losing around 10-12% an hour even with no use at all.

    Before discovering it was a network issue, and that forcing the cellular radio connection to 2G-only fixed it, I spent a lot of time uninstalling applications trying to find the cause. I even did a factory wipe of the phone. Nothing helped. Only forcing a 2G connection (or disabling the radio entirely via airplane mode) restores the battery life.

    If you read through the replies to that post at T-Mobile support, you’ll see there are reports of the problem with the MyTouch3G, the MyTouch4G, the older G1, and many others.