Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9: UK Release, Retailers & Prices

Back in March we brought you news that tech giants Samsung were on the verge of announcing an additional Galaxy Tablet but that of a smaller version. To date the first Galaxy Tablet which was released last year proved to be a resounding success, but still had many wondering whether it would be enough to rival that of Apple’s first generation iPad.

But as this year has progressed, we have seen more changes to both companies. Firstly the iPad 2 came along followed by yet another upgraded Galaxy Tablet, named the 10.1. Now having made its way to retailer shelves with a launch in the UK and transatlantic, news of a smaller 8.9-inch can be reported.

Information for the smallest of the Galaxy Tab line-up has been a little sparse, with many wondering if it would indeed make an appearance and if so this side of Christmas. The answer is yes its coming and sooner than perhaps we anticipated. If news serves us correctly, according to Engadget an Amazon page has been spotted with a Galaxy Tab 8.9 listing, stating that the 3G device will be available on August 11th for a price of £605, with Expansys offering it for £584.99 as to its US arrival, this remains unclear.

Although the WiFi-only version of the Galaxy 10.1 is now available from UK retailers, some of you have been waiting for the 3G model. As Slashgear stated, this very version is due to hit British soil on or around August 23rd.

Just before we go, we wanted to leave you with news that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 can now be enjoyed with the TouchWiz update which Samsung promised. Available from today, the new software that’s been pushed out, will bring some new apps such as Kindle and Amazon Cloud Music Player, add-on of Swype, shortcuts for the Task Manager, World Clock, Calculator and so on, updated Media Hub, the user-interface can be seen now with weather, social networking and updated news. Click here for more information. So can the 8.9-inch fend off competition from rivals such as the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry PlayBook, HTC Flyer and so on.

Give us your thoughts on the Galaxy Tablet 8.9-inch and 10.1? Are you tempted by either and if you already have the bigger model, let us know what you think about the new changes that have taken affect from today?