Facebook Confirms COD Black Ops DLC4: Fans Go Wild For Moon Zombies

It looks like Treyarch are taking the game for one last money spin as they announced via their official Facebook page earlier that a much desired 4th map pack would be launched. Facebook as a result has been fired up into action with the shock announcement sending many fans into fits of joy. The main focus as with every downloadable content package they offer is the zombie mode feature, and it looks like gamers are in for a real treat!

The name of Treyarch’s 4th and final map pack offering for Black Ops is “Rezurrection”, launching for Xbox Live on August 23rd. The name of the zombie map which is obviously going to steal the show is called “Moon”, taking the undead slaying adventure into outer space for the first time. You may be happy to hear that 2 new wonder weapons and a new perk are featured, that’s not even the best part!

If you are a gamer who forked out the extra money to buy either the hardened or prestige edition of the game, you will be able to download the Rezurrection map pack for free! Those who bought the normal version will be charged the normal 1200 Microsoft points or £11.49 for PS3 and PC users who will get the game a month later. Treyarch broke the good news earlier today, with their social media strategy working to perfection.

Again the last DLC gets even better, included in Rezurrection is the 4 original revamped “World at War” maps, which previously was only available to hardened or prestige edition users. It seems likely that to apologize for the loss of exclusivity to those users, they are rewarding them with the free download. Also included with the map pack is 3 music soundtracks and a “new Zombies “Moon” theme”, according to Black Ops Intel. It seems the revamp of these WaW zombie maps are replacing what would have been 4 multiplayer maps, but they have been renamed: Night, Asylum, Swamp and Factory.

It was widely believed that there would only be 3 DLC maps, following the trend left by Call of Duty: World at War. Some have not taken too well to this announcement, with the idea that the games developer is just “milking” the franchise. The masses are over the moon with this this recent announcement (pun intended). Treyarch has said this is “the climax to the Zombies saga and the final chapter”, could this be the last ever zombies or do they just mean for Black Ops?

Treyarch has over 9 million fans on its Facebook page so you can understand why so many people like to connect and be the first to find out news like this. Anything and almost everything they post to their page gets thousands of likes, the Rezzurection confirmation getting over 7K in a few hours. Is this new map pack announcement a final treat for the fans before Modern Warfare 3? Or are Treyarch just being greedy and cashing in on an ending game which they know everyone will buy due to its sheer popularity? I am hoping the former but let us know all of your thoughts on this by leaving a comment.

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