New Sony S1 & S2 Tablets Enlighten Us Further: VIDEO

Back in April, we enlightened you with two possible tablets in the pipeline, the S1 and S2 as they were named from tech giants Sony. At the time we didn’t really have much to go on other than rumored specs, price and of course the important release date. Now with a handful of extra articles and video teasers, we can update you with just a few more snippets of info.

Firstly if we start off by saying that as well as the videos we’ve reported on in the past courtesy of our very own Tim, there is now a fourth edition which we’ve embedded below. In terms of specs, we’ll not really any further forward then some 4 months ago, although we can tell you thanks to Cnet, that there will be four rumored versions of the Sony S1. They will include a WiFi-only model along with, 3G, 16GB or at the higher end 32GB, which if we’ll not mistaken will compare to that of the iPad specs.

For the S2 all we can really say is that it will come as a 16GB or 32GB model including 3G connectivity. When we first announced the S1 and S2, we were led to believe that they will release running on Android’s Honeycomb OS, this as far as we are aware has not changed.

The S1 will include a 9.4-inch IPS display using Bravia and TruBlack display technology, streamed music and video can also be used via DLNA or by using the tablet as a stand-alone remote control using “integrated infrared. A bluetooth keyboard, SD card slot and dock will be included with the tablet on release. In terms of processor we’ll a little unsure but we wouldn’t be surprised if the initial plan is stuck to using a Tegra 2 dual-core processor, front and rear cameras and so on.

On the otherhand, its partner the S2 if our mind serves us correctly, will be based on a clamshell design using two screens with 5.5-inch displays, Tegra 2 SoC and just the one camera. Our last report on the S2 spoke about US carrier AT&T getting in on the act and who were backing the Sony tablet, although a firm release date has not been confirmed.

We’ll no further along in finding out their official prices, but we ask ourselves whether the tablets will be enough to discourage consumers from buying the iPad 2, or whether the Sony PSN outage back at the end of April was the nail in the coffin for consumers, many at the time felt disappointed and angry in the way Sony handled the entire situation.

Check out the fourth video below and give us your thoughts on both tablets? Interested and if so, realistically what price would you be willing to pay?