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iPhone 5 Testing Underway: Will Explode Apple’s Market Share

August 3, 2021 | Matt Tran

Fresh rumors each day on when exactly we will see the iPhone 5 and what it will be like must be driving many crazy by now. It had long been thought that the mythical smartphone would launch in September, then this changed to October. In a humorous turn of events, the iPhone 5 is reportedly now back on track for a September release and has been sent off to mobile networks for testing.

Sources from T3 are telling us that Apple has sent the iPhone 5 prototypes out to the network companies in sealed boxes. Security has been a top priority this time around with the handsets being delivered in the sealed boxes, as well as the added secrecy of being wrapped in a dummy case so that any unauthorized eyes do not get a peak and picture and leak it online. After the iPhone 4 fiasco which saw a Foxconn employee commit suicide, Apple will want to keep a tight grip this time around.

All major network operators now have an iPhone 5 prototype in their labs for testing, if reports are to be believed. The reason cited behind the September launch is that Apple will want as much time to sell the device in the run up to Christmas, it was noted that Steve Jobs admitted this period was crucial. Retailers like Target and Radio Shack have slashed the prices of their iPhone 4 significantly in order to make room for the 5th generation smartphone. You can amazingly pick up an iPhone 4 for as little as $50!

According to Mashable the launch of the iPhone 5 could double Apple’s market share. Studies undertaken by analyst firm Piper Jaffray, researched phones that people planned to get as their next device. The report was based on 216 participants, with 64% of these claiming they planned to buy an iPhone as their next mobile. About 29% of those were already iPhone owners, with 28% being BlackBerry and 17% currently owning an Android device.

Android currently have the largest market share in the world, but it now seems that many are turned on by the idea of the iPhone 5. The study revealed that 42% of Android users admitted they would be open to switching to an iPhone, with a huge 67% of BlackBerry owners saying they would be up for the swap. Verizon and AT&T are expecting their customers to adopt change, with 55% of “iPhoneless” Verizon customers expecting to get one; 75% of these waiting for the iPhone 5, with 53% on AT&T.

The iPhone 5′s biggest threats from Android will come in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Droid Bionic. Samsung’s president has promised the long awaited super phone will launch in the US this month, although it is still unclear it will come with 4G LTE support. The Droid Bionic launches in September and Motorola’s CEO claims it will be the first ever 4G phone to come with a duel-core processor. No 4G for the Galaxy S II then? Leave us your thoughts on the iPhone 5 and the slow painful wait, will you be getting one? Or will you opt for an Android device that is expected to come out slightly sooner?

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