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Google+ Passes 25M Users: Impact On Facebook?

August 3, 2021 | Matt Tran

The launch of Google+ has been like a runaway train and it does not look like slowing down anytime soon. Google’s social network has raced past the 25 million user mark, breaking a record as the fastest ever site to pass that milestone in the shortest amount of time, according to Tech Radar. Has Facebook played any part in their success and how will the rise of Google+ affect Mark Zuckerberg and co?

Amazingly Google+ or Plus, is still in the beta testing stage and has not released its full finished version yet. The launch of the service a little over a month ago spread like wildfire with users instantly inviting their friends and grouping together in social circles. The reception to Google+ as you can tell by the speed of its user base has been very positive as it offers a different social experience to Facebook. Google recently had to restore legit accounts they deleted by mistake in an effort to clamp down on fake profiles. Another update was also rolled out to make the Google +1 button 3 times faster.

Although Facebook’s user base is still always increasing, now with over 750 million active users, you wonder if Google+ may be the site to take the social dominance away from the Palo Alto based operation. Don’t get me wrong. Facebook will still be the leading social network for a while, but a short while back numbers began to decline and you started to wonder if people where getting bored of the site and wanted something new.

Google’s launch of their service looks to be timed well as it comes at a time where the desire for social networking is at an all time high, and Facebook just angered a majority of their users. Their “awesome” new feature turned out to be a change to the chat messaging service and it is absolutely hideous. Instead of the regular tab which we click as and when we like to see who is online; we now have a sidebar with a selection of your friends, on or offline. The reaction was very negative and many have called for Facebook to change it back.

In my opinion the huge success of Facebook has served as an advantage to Google+. Facebook set a high benchmark and proved to millions how good it is to connect and socialize online. Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others are also sites that are used by millions so the idea of another kind of social site from Google would seem like a real turn on for the social networking enthusiast.

So what do you make of the rapid success of Google+? Was it your experiences on Facebook which made your decision to join Google’s network easy? We know for sure that Google+ will easily hit over 100 million users, can they do it by the end of the year? Let us know your thoughts on these topics by leaving a comment.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that Google+ will be bigger than Facebook however competition on this field is good for us.

  • Matt Tran

    Im with you on that one, I think now Facebook have a new challenger it may give them a reality check and make them even more dedicated to improve the site. Cant stand that chat feature!