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Top 10 Twitter Trends For July: Hottest Topic?

August 2, 2021 | Matt Tran

Roll up roll up, its time for the round up of the top 10 Twitter trends from the month of July. We regularly bring you the chart of trends each week and as a new feature, the whole month. Over the past 4 weeks the dominating trend has been Soccer/Football but it does not necessarily mean it will be the biggest topic of discussion overall. The data is compiled as normal by Mashable with thanks to Todd Wasserman.

Kicking the trends off at number 10 is the summer Blockbuster movie, Cowboys & Aliens. The action sci-fi flick stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford and has had a great response on Twitter since its release in the US. Amy Winehouse was the 9th most discussed topic, after she was tragically found dead in her flat at the age of 27. The singer had struggled with a fight against alcohol and drug addiction, with tweeters noting she was in the “27 club”.

The Casey Anthony Trial enters the chart at 8 with tweeters voicing their opinions on the verdict. It was ruled that Anthony was not guilty of killing her 2 year-old daughter, Caylee. Last week’s number 1, Nickelodeon is at number 7. The legendary kids channel aired a program which blocked together shows from the 90s, including Kenan & Kel, Drake & Josh and the Rugrats.

Twitter was the 6th most discussed topic on Twitter last month, with users reminiscing about experiences they have had on the site. Tweets including hashtags like #WhenTwitterWasDown and #ThingsWeLearnedOnTwitter, were all regular posts. The 5th trend and by far one of the most common is Justin Bieber. The Canadian pop singer just trends as a result of his popularity on the site.

The Norway Explosion/Shootings charted at 4 overall last month, as a result of the horror that occurred in Oslo. There was a mass shootout and bombing of a government building that yielded a death toll of almost 100 people. Tweeters showed their support for the victims families, with a minute of silence also being held. Phineas & Ferb was tweeted about consistently in July and takes 3rd place, another movie version of the old TV show is coming out on August 5th.

The runner up for the month of July is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. Fans celebrated the launch of the last ever movie and engaged in conversations on the topic, discussing their favorite characters and so on. To celebrate the end of the film series, many TV stations are airing many of the movies which tweeters also talked about.

And that can only mean that Soccer/Football has indeed been the most talked about topic on Twitter last month, winning it back to back from June. The largest topic of discussion was the 2011 Copa America tournament held in Argentina, which was in the end won by Uruguay. Other discussion from countries all over the world combined to make the sport the most talked about topic on Twitter for July.

So that is what trended the most on our beloved microblogging service last month, how many of those topics did you tweet about? If you missed last month’s roundup, or last week’s then you can catch up by following the links. Be sure to look out for the chart for the first 7 days of August this weekend. Let us know your thoughts on the Twitter top 10 by leaving a comment.

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