U2 In Concert: Social Media Allows Non-Goers To Watch

One of the world’s greatest bands “U2” which have been bracing us with their presence since the late seventies early eighties, have now thought up of yet another ingenious way of giving all their fans the chance to see them, we’ll talking through the use of social media.

Social media to some may be an alien word, but if we mention networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the way in which they are used to promote an individual or a brand, then you may start to get the jist of what U2 are taking on. Back in February, U2 responsible for fantastic albums such as Achtung Baby and the Joshua Tree, entertained a massive crowd at their concert in Soccer City Johannesburg. Following on from this in order for the fans to remember the event and to see where they were positioned in the crowd, U2 set up a social media campaign on Facebook allowing people to do this. Click here for more details.

The latest concert as telegraphjournal.com stated, was staged at Magnetic Hill last Saturday and pulled in a huge 75,000 following of fans, but for those who couldn’t either get tickets or just couldn’t get to the concert, were able to see their favorite group perform via social media and smartphone technology in Moncton, Canada.

In turn this opened up the event to thousands more fans worldwide. How was this possible? With the use of microblogging site Twitter and hashtag #U2360Mon, concert goers were able to post out live messages as well as photos of the concert via their mobile phones. Tweets or messages as some people prefer, comprised of guest intros, photos as well followers being able to see the concert with a 360 degree tour, used in the same way at Johannesburg.

As reported one tweeter posted, “It’s kind of funny that I’ve never heard of Moncton before in my life, but now I’ll never forget it! Wish I was there!!”

Another that of a follower in Texas said, “It’s just really amazing how technology has been able to connect us, as fans, that way. There were tweets in Spanish. To get to talk to people from all the place sharing in this experience – it was really cool to be able to do that.”

By all accounts, the new social media experience impressed a huge worldwide audience with social media site Topsy calculating that by the end of the concert, the hashtag mentioned above had pulled in some 5,000 mentions.

Tell us did you go to the concert, if not were you involved in the new social media campaign? Should other music artists take up this idea, is this the way forward?

  • http://twitter.com/wxander Wendy Alexander

    Funny y’all only picked up on this at the end of the tour - we had hashtags for most of the shows over the last 26 months…