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Twitter’s Joey Barton Defends Enrique: Rants Fans Need To Know

August 1, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Online social networking site Twitter initially set up 2006 is still showing no signs of slowing up, despite rival competition from of course Facebook and the new Google+ addition. Used by the likes of you and me and a listing of celebrity names, Twitter can be used to follow your favorite individuals, tweet or message if you prefer and so on.

In the past we’ve brought you articles on birth announcements, tributes to passing stars and just those who use the site to let off a bit of steam and this is the case for a helping of footballing names. Examples of this have included Rio Ferdinand and Carlton Cole, which have left the Football Association (FA) questioning imposing a ban on football players who cross the line (excuse the pun). Managers in the past such as Manchester Utd’s Alex Ferguson and Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger have too looked at imposing bans with Leeds Manager Simon Grayson actually implementing one for the whole team.

Just at the end of July we told you that following on from a Twitter rant recently, Newcastle player Jose Enrique was fined a whooping £100,000 and we asked you our readers, whether using public sites such as Twitter to voice anger and frustration over others is such a good move?

Today we turn our attention to team mate Joey Barton who himself has turned to Twitter and launched his dissatisfaction at the way in which the club’s top guys are not listening to the team of players with the lead up to the new season. As the reported, feelings after losing to team Leeds and the handling of Enrique’s latest fine have all been too much with Barton tweeting, “If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place.”

This then followed with “If it wouldn’t effect team morale and cause unrest within the dressing room, am certain Jose’s comments would be the tip of the iceberg… Things need addressing as am not prepared to go through a relegation again.”

Tell us what’s your take on this? Should players be allowed to vent their feelings on sites that are so public? Are you a Newcastle fan, how will they fair against London side Arsenal?

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