Target Slash iPhone 4 Prices As iPhone 5 Launch Draws Nearer

The mythical iPhone 5 has been a non ending topic of debate this year and it seems to be edging closer after movements by the companies that will carry it. Many expected to see the 5th generation iPhone back at the WWDC but were disappointed to find it was only based on software. iOS 5 will launch in September and it is widely believed that this is when we will finally see the iPhone 5.

There are many factors which suggest we will see the iPhone 5 next month, but the latest one is a series of iPhone prices cuts from big retailers. If you are currently after a new smartphone and are trying your best to wait for the iPhone 5, then beware as these prices are so tempting you may just sneak out and satisfy temptation. We understand that Target have now slashed the prices of their existing iPhone models including the 4, courtesy of reports from Phone Arena.

Some of the prices are reportedly subject to signing a 2 year contract, so it really is either a cheaper existing model or the iPhone 5. The 8GB iPhone 3GS is going to be sold by Target for the dirt cheap price of $19.99, it needs to be that appealing to make you take an older model for another 2 years. The 16GB iPhone 4 will be available from AT&T and Verizon for $149.99. Some of these prices have been revealed from a leaked image which you can see below.

You will see that the 16GB version of the iPhone 4 on AT&T is selling for $169.99 and the 32GB model for $269.99. Verizon has decided to shift their 32GB iPhone 4 for the more competitive price of $249.99. If these prices are not low enough for you an you already own an old iPhone then you can get the prices knocked down even further, via trade ins it has been reported by Gizmocrunch. It seems that Radio Shack will also be getting in on the act with cheaper iPhones and trade ins.

If for example, if you have an old iPhone 3GS model laying around and want to buy the 4 from either Target or Radio shack, then you can trade it in and get $100 knocked off the price of your new iPhone. This will push Target’s iPhone 4 to the rock bottom price of $50 and Radio Shack’s to $70. With prices like these, will you change your mind about getting the iPhone 5?

It makes perfect sense to clear out all of the old stock for cheaper prices to make room for the new models. It is also a clever strategy that works in Apple’s favor as all the while people are buying cheaper older iPhone models, it in most cases prevents them from buying new rival phones. Apple look to be sticking 2 fingers up to Samsung and their Android based Galaxy S II smartphone which launches in the US this month and looks to be their biggest competitor. What do you make of these significant iPhone price cuts? Let us know in the comments which smartphone you will be buying this year.