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Samsung Galaxy S II US Launch: 4G LTE Support Or Not?

August 1, 2021 | Matt Tran

We are now in August and if the Samsung president is to be believed, the Galaxy S II smartphone will launch in the US this month. A majority of high end smartphones are now coming with super fast 4G LTE capabilities, but what about the Galaxy S II? Speculation about a 4G Galaxy 2 has been rife, but exactly how important is it for the highly anticipated handset?

Beliefs are divided on whether the Samsung Galaxy S II will actually feature 4G or not. However Verizon announced through their official Twitter account last week that the Galaxy S II would indeed come with 4G, Android Community reports. The account @VZWSupport tweeted the good news. However in a dramatic turn of events it turned out that Verizon had a little mix up and were referring to their Galaxy 10.1 tab which would come with LTE support, according to Gotta Be Mobile.

Verizon now has refused to confirm or deny whether 4G will be included with the Galaxy S II or not. Mobile Burn reports that Sprint is planning to add the 4G LTE function to their Galaxy offerings. The S II is has apparently been codenamed “the Within”, and will have support for Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network. So far it has not been established if AT&T will get in on the 4G act with their S II as they have been quiet on the matter. Many Americans are still skeptical as to whether the 2nd generation Galaxy smartphone will feature 4G or not.

One of the reasons being after some comments made by the Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha, when speaking about the launch of their 4G Droid Bionic in September. The mobile boss claimed that the Bionic would be the first ever smartphone with a duel-core processor to come with 4G LTE. Considering the Galaxy S II is set to launch in August, this would mean that there would be no 4G support for Samsung’s super phone if these claims are true.

In September there is also the little matter of the iPhone 5 launch, again if you believe what almost every source on the internet is saying. It was initially puzzling as to why Samsung held back on their US Galaxy S II launch, but it looks like it could have been strategically to meet Apple’s 5th generation smartphone which also has been rumored to have 4G support. We brought you the news earlier that retailers like Target had significantly slashed the prices of their iPhone 4 deals in order to make room for the 5. You can get one for as little as $50!

I think many agree that 4G support for the Samsung Galaxy S II is important, especially if they are to remain as one of the world’s largest mobile makers. Many of Samsung’s rivals are using the 4th generation wireless technology, so they should ensure they follow up on their successful Samsung Infuse 4G handset. The advantageous feature was not used on the Galaxy S, so Samsung should do their level best to bring it to the sequel. What do you think about the possibility of having 4G on the Samsung Galaxy S II? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Jared Fucci

    I won’t be dealing with 3g for another 2 years, so if the SGS2 is 4G it’ll be between that and the Bionic. My new every two is 8/31, so I will wait 1 week into Sept. for the bionic, if it doesn’t exist, I am going SGS2. If the SGS2 is NOT 4G, it won’t even be a consideration.

  • Sarkis

    If the S2 has 4G why consider the bionic at all? It fails to match the S2 in every way except screen resolution.

  • Jared Fucci

    I’m just keeping my options open. If they are both 4G I want to play with them both before making a decision. The S2 has a better screen, but the bionic has a bigger battery. I still have no clue how the 4G radio will effect the life on the S2. They both have their pros and cons, but battery life is a big one.

  • BrianB13

    You don’t know what the specs will be for the Function yet nor do you know the final specs for the Bionic either. You don’t know how well these phones will perform especially if the SGSII is on 4G LTE. The 4G LTE radio is a real battery drainer. You don’t know if the Function will have a slider keyboard. It’s best to keep one’s options open. The one knock on the SGSII is that it is a little flimsy so if you drop it, it could break fairly easily. Does the SGSII have a PC dock and a car dock where the phone senses where it is an displays the appropriate apps? I think not. Will the SGSII be Netflix ready out of the box? I don’t think so. Which phone will have better battery life? We don’t know.