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PS Vita Release Date: Blockbuster Says October 28th

August 1, 2021 | Tim Ollason

The PS Vita is a games console that many of us have been waiting for; we have seen it changing names with PSP2 and NGP before finally settling on the PS Vita. This console is perhaps one of the reasons that the Nintendo 3DS isn’t selling as well as Nintendo thought it would. We are now hearing that the PS Vita release date has been leaked by Blockbuster, they say it’s October 28th.

Nintendo has for a long time dominated the handheld console market with the different variations of the Game Boy and then the Nintendo DS with not too many competitors getting much of a look in. The PSP ranges have done OK but the sales wouldn’t even start to compare to that of Nintendo’s. There have been a lot of different hit games that hit Nintendo’s consoles with perhaps the biggest trend being Pokémon.

Over the past few months we have been learning more and more about the PS Vita, at E3 2011 Sony announced its name and price but didn’t give an exact release date. Since then we have seen that it uses a different type of removable memory that looks a lot like an SD card but it’s not. Things are certainly looking up for Sony in the handheld gaming market.

For a long time I have personally been waiting for something revolutionary from Sony in this market and perhaps they are now going to fill my desire. The PS Vita’s features are something else, cross platform gaming with the PS3 over the Internet is just one thing to marvel at but the overall power of the thing is immense.

Engadget’s Sean Buckley has added a report where he says that Blockbuster on a flyer has added a few prices and the release date of the PS Vita as follows… WiFi Only CERT, TBC, Release Date 28th Oct Pre-Order Offer £229.99. The details for the 3G & WiFi model are the same with the exception of the price which is £279.99. The original source of this information is IGN where their author has included the leaflet and there seems to be a few more sites starting to build up the hype of the device maybe being released before Christmas. Imagine if Sony could get it into shops before December, they would certainly sell a few that way don’t you think?

There are a few questions over the legitimacy of this leaflet but still, it’s yet another indication of a 2011 release. What do you think of this information, has someone faked a Blockbuster flyer? Let us know in the comments section below.e

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