iPhone 5 Entrance October No September: Can We Wait?

When it comes to one device surrounded with a barrage of rumors then Apple’s iPhone 5 is a sure winner. For months now the next-generation handset from the huge tech company has kept us on our toes with if’s and but’s and the main question on everybody’s lips is of course its release date? This unfortunately we cannot give you as much as we would like to and today the goal posts have changed with news that September‘s release may now be changed.

Despite a date on or around September 5th for the States with other countries to follow suite, its now reported as being the tail end of the month if not October. In the last 2 or so weeks, there have been more leaks and suggestion that Steve Jobs company were in fact gearing themselves up for its arrival, with listed job vacancies, cases being spotted, more specs news and news that US carrier AT&T were training their staff in preparation of the new arrival.

According to Slashgear via an unnamed source at AllThingsD, the new iPhone 5 device is to now be expected October. They said, “I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks but its not for an iPhone launch.”

So far in terms of release dates, the iPhone 5 was tipped to come in June/July around the time of the WWDC, obviously it didn’t surface. News then filtered through that September was looking likely and from that, many have been keeping everything crossed. Its still unclear as to whether today’s rumors have any truth in them as Slashgear stated, could it be Apple’s way of stopping the speculation once and for all with the hope that those waiting will not be too disappointed!

In a recent public survey of 216 users, carried out by analyst Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray, the general consensus of customers were keen to wait for the iPhone 5 in fact 74%, rather than going out and buying the iPhone 4 handset. Also when you click the link here, you can see that amongst iPhone customers, 94% were keen to buy another Apple handset, compared to 47% of Android users staying with the brand and 42% wanting to switch to an iPhone. Interestingly, 55% of Verizon consumers, expected their next device to be made by Apple, giving us reason to think that the smartphone market with Apple will rise dramatically.

Give us your thoughts on the iPhone 5 being delayed? Are you prepared to wait until October if that’s the case?

  • http://twitter.com/swamie07 Bill

    I will have something else by then.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHVBCGTNORHEZ63GXMHS42OQK4 Abby Charles

    Who cares…
    Rumors never stop~
    Im enjoyable with my iPhone 4 now, big relaxation for me on the flight to watch video&movies though need do some converting with handbrake and ifunia, surfing…
    To the iPhone 5, let the rumors fly on the sky, I would like to wait till it is released, if it is stunned~ …:D