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Facebook UK Move: Plans To Recruit New Employees

August 1, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Popular online social networking site Facebook has gone from strength to strength in terms of user numbers. From what started off as a site used just by Harvard students, has now become a global phenomenon pulling in some 750 million people and that figure is growing by the day.

The site gives users the opportunity to find friends and relatives after which time will be added to a growing list, as well as updating the status, uploading and sharing of photos, joining an event or accepting an invitation and so on. Celebrities have also taken Facebook into their hearts with many now having an official page in which fans can “like” and then follow, the same of which can be said for companies trying to promote a particular brand. With the positives has also come the negatives. From time to time, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been criticised in the way his site handles the issue of privacy, alongside some debating over the age restriction, many have argued that this should be changed, although just recently, Zuckerberg was trying to lower it.

The news today courtesy of, is that the UK branch of Facebook will now be expanding its offices, with a move from Carnaby Street, London to a much larger location still within the city. As to where the offices will be positioned is still a guess but speculation is pointing to a new 36,000sq foot office in trendy Covert Garden. What we do know is that the new site will bring new jobs, those within the advertising sales sector.

This could be as early as next year and from a brief statement from Facebook’s VP and European Managing Director “Joanna Shields” pictured above she said, “As Facebook’s growth continues, we are delighted to be expanding our operations in the UK with a move to a larger office in central London next year. With mover 30 million people using Facebook every month in the UK, and over 750 million globally, we’re excited about the next phase in our development.”

News from has reported that rival sites Twitter and Google are also preparing to acquire office space within the capital but positioning of the headquarters for each site will stay put.

Tell us whether you would be interested in a job working for Facebook? Are you a big fan of Facebook, Twitter or even Google’s new Google+ networking site? If you could take away or add a feature on Facebook what would it be?

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