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Apple HDTV By March 2012: 3 Screen Sizes & Prices

August 1, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

In relation to news surrounding a new Apple HDTV, details have been a little vague. Past articles have suggested that a device and we’ll not talking about a little black box that streams all your content, but a full sized TV was in the pipeline with a release sometime in 2012. Added to this, our very own Debbie here at OSM was keen to report that Steve Jobs company could in fact use an LG 55-inch Oled display, but in terms of consumer price this could be an expensive option.

We can add a little more depth to this now as according to AppleInsider, a new HDTV set is coming with the benefit of 3 screen sizes as well as pricing brackets. If this is to be believed, the new device(s) will be launched in March 2012 and as one analyst “Trip Chowdhry” has stated, will be based on the Bose VideoWave 46-inch LCD HDTV model. Benefits to the Bose VideoWave include its reduction of cables to just three, but if Apple are to succeed with their offering, it may include the one cable.

The 46-inch version mentioned above includes an integrated surround sound speaker unit with the emphasis of giving its customer an all round fantastic experience with picture and sound quality. In a brief statement recently from Chowdhry he said his “converged view” was taken from a number of developers and their thoughts, from which he said 75% of his findings were actually accurate.

From what Chowdhry has also implied, Apple’s new 2012 model(s) will work from the VideoWave’s six-inch thickness and 16 speakers, theirs will in fact be thinner and will equal that of the speaker total. He said, “These 16 built-in speakers gives a complete surround sound experience, without the need for any external speakers.”

Following on from this in relation to screen size and price, the analyst was keen to point out that “The DSP chip in Apple HDTV is a brand new chip based on Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi, As of now, this new chip is not in mass production.”

Of course, any further news to this will be forwarded straight to you, but for now with a popular iPad 2 and a next generation iPhone 5 on the way, can a HDTV in 3 sizes convince us to part with our money? Let us know if you would be keen?

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  • Janet Richard

    WOW, seems cool, I do hope they do this soon, and the Apple TV Software that update Adds Streaming of Purchased TV Shows, Vimeo Support, and More, to me really great!
    Then maybe I also can make the Apple TV to be a home media centre without the handbrake and ifunia converting, just streaming more and more… ;)