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Facebook “Jackass” Movie Rental: Fitting Tribute To Ryan Dunn

July 29, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Social networking site Facebook is still actively pulling in a huge amount of people, so much so that this month wikipedia stated that it has over 750 million users and there’s no sign of it stopping. Used for many different purposes, Facebook can be used for updating your status on a daily basis, uploading and sharing photos from a night out, playing games and so on, but today its news of something entirely different.

Popular American stunt and prank show “Jackass” has been on our screens since 2000, from what started off with the series being shown on MTV to three films being made from 2002. It was initially created by Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jonze and Jeff Tremaine and features Bam Margera, Steve O, Preston Lacy, the late Ryan Dunn who was killed in a car crash in June 2011 and so on. We’ve seen plenty of stunts that make us shudder whilst at the same time can make us laugh.

To say that the out of hand pranks are not close to the edge would be an understatement. Just a matter of days ago, Bam Margera was admitted to hopsital in which as reported, he was suffering from a series of broken bones. These resulted from Margera fooling around with his neighbor racing up a flight of stairs, in which he tumbled down after tackling his friend.

Now with Facebook in tow, fans will be able to rent the complete series of films direct from the site. These will consist of Jackass The Movie, Jackass 1 and 2 along as Mashable stated, digital only Jackass 2.5 and Jackass 3.5. The service will enable you to rent out the list of films as oppose to buying them from listed retailers. According to, Jackass The Movie, Jackass 2 and 2.5 will cost $2.99 or the equivalent of 30 Facebook credits, for Jackass 3 and 3.5, this will be slightly more at $3.99 or equivalent of 40 Facebook credits.

Other benefits for loyal Jackass fans will now include a new Jackass ClipApp which enables you to select some of your favorite scenes from a listing of 100 from all five movies, the clips can then be sent out to your friends listing on Facebook.

What are your thoughts on the new Jackass movie rental service? Are you a big fan, what’s your favorite movie?

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