Motorola Xoom Price Drop: Sway Galaxy Tab 10.1 Buyers?

Since the Apple iPad tablet arrived last year, manufacturers have all been trying to outdo one another with different devices, be it Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Acer’s Iconia, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook and of course Motorola’s new Xoom and its this that we wanted to report on today.

Released back in February the Xoom WiFi-only version came with a convincing advertising and marketing campaign, which was hoped to entice customers away from the popular first-generation iPad. Consequently since then, the iPad 2 has launched making it difficult for manufacturers to come anywhere close to the Apple offering, with the Xoom only available as the listed version and not a 4G LTE model, a little disappointing for some!

But now to update you further, we can report that there has been a price drop for the Xoom WiFi-only version. According to Pocketlint, retailer Amazon has reduced the Xoom’s price to £395 which will no doubt make it a tempting comparison to say the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which will be officially launched in the UK on August 3rd.

In terms of pricing, the Sammy tablet will set you back £399 and will be available from one shop on that date, Curry’s and PC World in Tottenham Court Road, London who will be selling the tablet from 5 pm, with both retailers exclusively stocking the Galaxy 10.1 on the internet and in-store for at least 4 weeks.

But what we wanted to put to you, our readers is that the Xoom will be lower in price with the added benefit of bumped up storage, in fact as stated twice the amount of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

If the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is ticking the boxes for you, then you may be interested to hear courtesy of that in the States, the 4G LTE version will be available on Verizon from Thursday (28th) July. Depending on whether you purchase the tablet as a stand-alone price or on contract, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G version will put an extra $30 dent in your wallet and has to be purchased on a two-year contract. In total, the 16GB model will set you $529.99 or for the bigger 32GB this will be an extra $100.

The WiFi-only 16GB can be bought for $499.99 whilst the 32GB can be purchased again for an extra $100. Stand-alone prices are obviously more with the 16GB without a contract costing you $629.99 and the 32GB $729.99. Chosen colors can be either dark gray or white.

Reverting back to the Motorola Xoom and its 4G capability, up until now consumers have been patiently waiting for news of a further model, we can report thanks to, that those of you who already have a Xoom tablet will benefit from a September upgrade to 4G which will be free of charge, but there is a downside.

Unfortunately in order for the upgrade to be carried out, the Xoom tablet will be sent away and consumers may not see their device for up to a week before its returned. To find out more on this click the link for

Let us know your thoughts on the Xoom’s price drop, are you now tempted or does the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 have more appeal? Are you a Xoom owner waiting for 4G support, give us your thoughts on the device being sent away?

  • Rachel Sarratt

    At this time Motorola are disappointing their UK Xoom customers with delays upgrading Andriod to 3.1, all we seem to be getting from them is it will happen ‘in the next several weeks’. As most of the Xoom owners know these ‘weeks’ are now becoming months.

    If Motorola are saying that the customers will be with out their tablets for a week while updating to 4G I would take that with a pinch of salt.

    This is one customer that would have to think very carefully about buying another Motorola product.