YouTube Advertising Story: Infographic Shows All

Back in 2005 before the launch of YouTube, none of us could ever have imagined what a huge impact it would one day make on many of our lives. Now here on OSM barely a day goes by without us bringing you a new YouTube story or video, with recent examples being Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 9 or Cristiano Ronaldo’s takedown of another football player. Today’s YouTube story though is not about a video but the site itself and specifically the story of advertising on YouTube with an infographic that shows all.

It really is a fascinating look at how YouTube has developed over the last few years from its beta launch in May 2005 and then official launch that December. Google-owned YouTube now receives 2 billion hits a day and of course that’s a massive opportunity for marketing. Advertising through the likes of promoted videos and brand partners has been hugely profitable for Google. This infographic was brought to our attention by Lauren Drell over on Mashable, supported by Loop Fuse and designed by Emily Caulfield and shows a great deal of information. You can see the full infographic below this story or on the Mashable link above.

Just some of the intriguing facts and figures include a timeline from 2005 right through to 2010. It’s significant to note that when the site officially launched in 2005, 8 millions videos were being viewed every day. By July 2006, just a few months later, 100 million videos a day were being watched and by May 2010 that figure had reached 2 billion viewed videos daily. The first form of advertising on YouTube came in August 2006 with participatory video ads and it was just after that Google acquired YouTube for the sum of $1.65 billion.

In August 2007 InVideo ads were launched and in December that year the YouTube partner program began. The infographic timeline shows many inclusions over the next few years such as ads expanding to 7 formats in January 2009, YouTube hitting 1 billion views every day in October 2009 and accomplishments such as the global livestream of President Barack Obama’s YouTube interview in February 2010.

After the timeline ends other information such as monetization, partners, traffic, mobile, content ID and product metrics are displayed. Just some of the details include the fact that more video is now uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than was produced from the three major networks in the US over 60 years and also that YouTube now has more than 1000 partners using content ID including major US movie studios, record labels and network broadcasters.

Take a good look at all the information on the infographic and we think you’ll agree it’s an interesting pictorial of just how successful YouTube has become. Are you surprised by any of the infographic statistics or facts? Let us know with your comments.

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