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Verizon Galaxy S II August 12th Release? Full US Impact

July 26, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Just over a week ago, we brought you news that the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) smartphone was indeed on its way to the US, despite rumor at one point that it wasn’t going to make an entrance at all. Some have questioned why its taken so long for the States to see the Sammy offering, when other countries are already reaping its benefits. Interestingly our very own Debbie recently gave us some sales figures of the Galaxy S2 with a staggering 6 million already sold, not bad going when Samsung’s goal is to sell at least 10 million by the end of 2011.

Now currently in relation to the US release, speculation is pointing to a date in August, up until now we were left poised as to when, but according to Slashgear via an industry analyst by the name of Paul Mueller, he has predicted the phone will be launched with Verizon on the 12th August.

As well as this, Verizon will be the first carrier to release the Galaxy S2 or Function as it will be called with other carriers such as Sprint and AT&T following suit, again with varying name changes. What we also found interesting is that Samsung have obviously thought about the impact the forthcoming iPhone 5 from Apple will have on their Galaxy range, with news that a big marketing campaign will commence with both handsets being put up side by side.

In a brief statement from Paul Mueller he said, “I’m not sure about the exact date, but I’ve been told that August 12th is a possibility. It will arrive first on Verizon and then the rest of the carriers within a month. Samsung will market this directly against the iPhone 5.”

This point is interesting when we think about one of the most recent reports we’ve given you in relation to the iPhone 5 release dates, the latest was pointing to a US date on 5th September whilst the rest of us would have to wait until a month later. Just a day ago, our very own Debbie spoke about carrier AT&T hinting of an iPhone 5 launch during the first half of September so this would in fact give us reason to believe what we’ll hearing!

We have to say there’s absolutely no reason as to why the Galaxy S2 or Function will not release with Verizon on the 12th August, as we’ve said before the sooner the better. There’s some pretty spectacular smartphones coming in the pipeline such as the Motorola Droid Bionic or Photon 4G, HTC Eternity, Nexus 4G and of course the iPhone 5.

Tell us if you are waiting for the new Galaxy S2 in the States? Will you be happy to buy on Verizon or would you prefer to wait for the iPhone 5? Check out two of our other Galaxy S2 posts in which there is talk of a 3D version and another with Qwerty keyboard inclusion.

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  • Charlie Cianciolo

    i’m waiting patiently for the Galaxy S2 Function to come to the US. I am unwilling to adapt to the iPhone 5 unless it has 4G capability

  • Mike Ganci

    i’ve been waiting months for the Galaxy S2, i’m not a fan of iCrap. this phone can’t get here fast enough, i’ve got the original moto droid. it is so sloooooow, the processor is only 500mhz but it didn’t used to make me wait 30 seconds for stuff. i guess the software is being written for the newer faster phones. come on sammy

  • Robin Jacobs

    Having had a original milestone (international verion of the droid) and now having a SGS-II I will tell you that you will not be disappointed. This thing flies, it takes awesome video and photo´s and the screen is the best out there (IMMO it beats the “retina” IPS display easily)

  • Min Ju Lee

    Definitely waiting for the Galaxy S II. I’ve been waiting for a year now. So excited!

  • Anonymous

    I can not WAIT to get this phone. I’ve been holding on to my iPhone 3G for months since my contract ended, waiting for this! :D

  • Bill

    If it has a slideout keypad I will wait for something else


    I’ll be picking one up as soon as they are available on Verizon to retire my original Moto Droid. Not a fan of Apple myself. Bionic doesn’t do it for me either.

  • Smoke NMirrors

    I wish we could find out if the S2/Function will be LTE. I somehow doubt it given how thin it is and how fat first gen LTE radios are but still be nice to know for sure. The S2 will crush the Bionic if it’s LTE, if not then likely the other way around (for VZW).

  • Anonymous

    I am waiting for the best dual core 4G LTE phone a man could buy for Verizon. Galaxy S2 looks very nice, some of the downsides for me is the screen resolution, plasticy build, and that Samsung isn’t the best when it comes down to updating phones. Motorola Droid Bionic sounds nice too, hoping to hear more about it. I like the build quality of the device and if its thin (thinner then droid x) it might be a winner. Although i dislike not having the unlocked bootloader and it having bloatware on the device, it seem very nice. Can’t wait to upgrade my Motorola Droid. Im hoping they release around the same time. Would like to see both and decide between the two.

  • Anonymous

    By the way, Motorola Droid started at 550mhz and i believe is now clocked at 600mhz. Also try Go Launcher, it loads up the home screen quickly for me (5 - 10 seconds on my stock droid).