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Microsoft Says Sorry For Commercial Amy Winehouse Death Tweet

July 26, 2021 | Matt Tran

Twitter is normally one of the first places to hear the world’s breaking news and this was the case on Saturday when we all found out about the tragic death of Amy Winehouse. Tweets flooded in from around the world, but some companies decided to take advantage of the sad news and use it as a way to boost sales of her work. Microsoft being one of them, has since apologized for a tweet they sent out.

A small PR account for Xbox tweeted about Amy Winehouse after her death, promoting the sale of her album over on Zune, Mashable reports. Microsoft did not offer their commiserations or make their sadness known, they encouraged people to remember her by downloading her music from their online store. Amy Winehouse fans were furious about their disgraceful attempts to make gains from her death.

The tweet was posted via Microsoft’s official Xbox 360 account: @tweetbox360. The controversial messages read “Remember Amy Winehouse by downloading the ground breaking Back to Black over on Zune”. The tweet was slammed by the Twitter community with users replying with messages like “crass much”, as well as pointing out how Microsoft fail at social media. The tech giants began to feel the heat and swiftly made a move to say sorry for their ill timed tweet. We have also seen how “sick” people have used the Amy Winehouse death in Facebook scams.

Their follow up tweet read: “Apologies to everyone if our earlier Amy Winehouse ‘download’ tweet seemed purely commercially motivated”. Microsoft also wanted to reassure tweeters and Amy fans that their motivation to make money from her death was far from the case. The singer’s official Twitter account is still active, with her last ever tweet being on July 7th, supporting her God daughter and fellow singer Dionne Bromfield.

It was not just Microsoft who decided to make the most of the moment and promote the music of Amy Winehouse. Apple and Amazon also got in on the act but it seems people did not see it as bad as what Microsoft did. Apple put a picture of Amy on the front page of the iTunes store with a message saying “remembering Amy Winehouse.” Their tactic worked as the singer’s 2nd album, Back To Black is number 1 in the store and sales of it have increased 37 times since the artist passed away. Many of are singles are expected to get a huge surge in downloads this week.

Amazon done a similar deed by posting a brief obituary on the home page which provided a link for consumers to her music. All 3 companies were criticized for taking commercial advantage of Amy’s death but it was Microsoft who got the biggest mauling. They were the only company of the 3 to physically ask people to download Amy’s music, but should Apple and Amazon also apologize? Leave us your thoughts on the sad death of Amy Winehouse and what you think of the companies trying to make gains from it.

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