AT&T Galaxy S II’s 2011: Touchscreen & Full Qwerty Offering?

Samsung’s new Galaxy S2 smartphone has been making waves within the mobile phone market for the last few weeks. Upon release in some countries such as the UK, Hong Kong, China, Korea and so on, consumers its been reported just can’t get enough of the device. The States are still waiting for its arrival but if rumor is anything to go by, then the American market may not have too much longer to wait with a release sometime next month.

Just recently we’ve been bringing you a variation of Galaxy S2 news be it, how to find hidden features and make the best out of them, comparisons between the S2 and Motorola’s Droid Bionic, rumor of a new Galaxy S2 3D smartphone to land by the end of this year, accessories with yesterday’s add-on of a new Sound Horn come docking station and today news is of US carrier AT&T bringing out not just one, but in fact two Galaxy S2 models by the end of 2011.

So before we get you all worked up, we need to point out here that when we say two new handsets, one is in fact according to a touchscreen Galaxy S2 (Samsung Attain) running on Android’s OS but will carry the AT&T network.

The second offering is the one that grabbed our attention, that of a Galaxy S2 handset but incorporating a full landscape Qwerty keyboard plus the existing benefit of dual-core processing power. With an leaked image also being sourced courtesy of BGR, rumor has it that the physical home button will be extinct and in appearance, will look more like the Samsung Infuse 4G.

We have to stress that with any rumor, is has to be taken with a pinch of salt until officially announced. At the present time the Galaxy S2 has been wowing a huge following of consumers and as already outdone its predecessor in terms of sales, some 3 million handsets were sold in just 55 days, a pretty amazing feat. But with other handsets on the way in the next few months, its anybody’s guess as to whether the Sammy offering will be able to keep pace, lets face it we have the Motorola Droid Bionic and Photon 4G coming out, Apple’s iPhone 5 and of course the monster of a phone the Google Nexus 4G in November.

Give us your thoughts on either a Galaxy S2 with Qwerty keyboard or even a 3D version? Are you in the US and waiting patiently?