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Google+ & Job Finding Hints: Potential To Seek Out

July 25, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

New social networking site Google+ which launched just recently has already racked up a massive 20 million if not more users in a very short time span. Already still in the beta stages and restrictions to joining such as being over 18 years of age and by invitation-only, the site’s popularity just keeps on rising.

Since its arrival we’ve brought you a range of articles including the question of whether you think Google+ will take over existing sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or whether all the sites particularly of Google+ and Facebook can work amicably alongside one another. Unfortunately only time will tell with this.

Today we look at how Google+ can actually help you search for that all important job vacancy. Incorporating some fantastic features such as Circles, Hangouts and Sparks, there is great potential to get a head start within the current job market. Mashable have kindly given some tips to achieving this.

As we’ve mentioned previously, Google+ have thought up some new features including that of Circles. This for those of you new to the social networking site, enables you to organise your friends list into different categories such as work colleagues past or present, those that you just hang out with at the weekend, family and so on.

Although when posting information on Facebook, it allows everybody to see it, Google+ circles gives you control over what people see at any one time. Its advisable when letting people know that you are in the job market to have a good think about who you would like to see your information, for example, those within the field of industry is of course an added bonus and a circle can be set up just for those contacts, whereas if you’re posting more personal information this has to be kept away. Try not to have too many circles on the go at any one time.

Letting people know you are on the lookout for a job vacancy is paramount as I’ve always been told “its who you know” and not “what you know.” Announcements can be made in the “About” section of your Google+ profile or to make it as bold as possible, try posting an update to everybody, but make it as unique as possible so you stand out from the crowd.

Secondly the use of “Hangouts,” can play a big part with your job search. Acting as a video-chat service, Google+ users can discuss topics of interest and it may pay you to drop into the conversation that you are currently seeking employment. Also as reported, Hangouts could benefit those involved in long-distance interviews.

Last but not least is that of “Sparks.” If there’s a certain subject of interest you would like to become involved in, then Google+ will feed you the latest up to date news stories in relation to this. The bottom line for potential job searchers is to try out social networking sites including Google+, this is on the principle that you receive an invitation for the latter, but be wise in what you post as employers if needed can find out information on you.

Let us know if you have joined Google+, how have you found the new features such as Circles, Hangouts and Sparks? Can you see the site being a help in your job hunting?

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    Both Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have excellent privacy settings, and different ways to protect it’s users privacy, but both fail to address the real issues at hand.

    The real issues most people have today about privacy is the amount of information these sites are collecting about its users, the way this information is being collected, and how this information is being used.

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  • Graham Webster

    “Although when posting information on Facebook, it allows everybody to see it, Google+ circles gives you control over what people see at any one time.”

    Not true. I can post to a specific friend or friend “lists” on facebook in exactly the same way as on Google+. Therefore giving the same control.