AT&T Hints at Apple iPhone 5 Release: First Half of September

The Apple iPhone 5 release date is never far from our thoughts at the moment and we’ve been keeping readers up to date with developments regarding this. The last rumor on this that we told you about concerned a US release on September 5 and a month later for other regions but this wasn’t felt to be particularly credible at the time. However it now seems that AT&T hints are also pointing to an Apple iPhone 5 release in the first half of September.

Our Maddy Rowe recently reported on recruiters taking on iPhone sales staff in the U.K. between August 16 and October 29 at key retail stores leading to speculation of a release in August or September. That was followed by further pointers and now the AT&T news certainly backs that up. Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR reports that AT&T, Apple’s longest carrier partner for the iPhone, is gearing up for the iPhone 5 launch and communicating internal plans. All AT&T employees and those in store locations who are currently undergoing training have been asked to complete that training as soon as possible.

Further to that managers have also been asked to ensure training is completed so that there are as many employees as possible available to cover expected footfall during September. This information was supplied to BGR from a “proven source” and seeing as it’s BGR we’re inclined to feel this is likely to be genuine. It’s now felt that the launch of the iPhone 5 will be announced at the end of August with a release for September and this would all tie in.

On top of this Arnold Kim over on MacRumors tells how some former U.S. Apple employees are being asked to return to their jobs in retail stores as part-time staff for product launches, holidays and over the back to school promotion. At least one employee has told of emails asking them to return between August 15 and September 15, which is a further valid pointer. Of course this could be for covering the back to school period but equally could be for the iPhone 5 launch.

A separate article on MacRumors by Eric Slivka also speculates on the AT&T pointers to the iPhone 5 release and notes, as previous rumors have also suggested, that the iPhone 5 is likely to be launched at Apple’s traditional fall media event. Although this is usually held in September there are suggestions that it could be held in late August this year and again this would all tie in with an iPhone 5 release in the first half of September.

So it looks like very positive news for those of you who are waiting for the iPhone 5 release and we know there are many of you. It seems at last that there really isn’t too much longer to wait, fingers crossed. What are your thoughts on these latest release hints? Let us know with your comments.

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    I’m waiting, but not so patiently :(