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Apple TV Set Late 2012: Possibility of LG 55-inch OLED display

July 25, 2021 | Debbie Turner

Way back in February we first told you of rumors of a new Apple TV and by that we don’t mean the set-top black box known as Apple TV but an actual full-sized television set. Then in April we heard further rumors of an Apple Internet-connected HDTV set by the end of 2011. Now we have heard further news on this Apple TV set as it seems it may not be coming until 2012 and there is a possibility that it will use an LG 55-inch OLED display.

When we last spoke of this full-sized TV set last month there were no clues as to which manufacturer might be joining with Apple to produce the new Apple TV sets and it was even hoped the TV would be out by this fall. However the latest report from Seth Weintraub over on 9to5Mac, sourced from Smarthouse, suggests a limited production launch late in 2012. Although 9to5Mac points out that Smarthouse has not been the most reliable source of Apple leaks, this latest snippet is so interesting it was thought worth noting.

The speculation concerns talks that Apple is apparently having talks with LG Display, which also supply screens for Apple’s Mac products and questions have been asked about the possibility of a 55-inch OLED panel for use in an Apple TV. The report also cites that, “On Friday LG said that they will launch a limited production OLED TV late in 2012.” LG is certainly one of the most likely partners for Apple to team up with for its latest project as the company already makes displays for the iPod touch and iPhone. Other display manufacturers include Sony and Samsung but Sony doesn’t have a current presence for Apple displays and Samsung is currently in drawn-out legal proceedings with Apple and so not an obvious choice.

Weintraub notes though that this latest rumor is not totally convincing but certainly worth thinking about. However a 55-inch OLED display would certainly qualify as a game-changer development that Apple would like to see on its new TV although it would likely be very expensive. Luke Johnson over on T3 also gives another take on this latest rumor about Apple TV and notes that recent speculation has also pointed to Apple releasing an Apple HDTV service ahead of the launch of the TV set in late 2012.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Would you be interested in an LG branded Apple TV set with a 55-inch OLED display? Maybe you think the likely price would be too prohibitive for most? Let us know with your comments.

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