Accessorised Galaxy S II: Sound Horn Blasts Music Experience

There’s no doubt about it that Samsung’s new Galaxy S II (S2) is wowing a huge audience of consumers. Outselling its predecessor the Galaxy S, the phone is now available in many countries including the UK, Hong Kong, Korea, India and more recently China, but surprisingly the US is still waiting and may be doing so until sometime in August. Yesterday we asked whether you would be prepared to wait for the new Sammy phone or even Motorola’s Droid Bionic and gave you details of another phone coming in November, that of the Nexus 4G dubbed an “Absolute Monster” of a phone.

Today staying with the Galaxy S2, we have some more news on the subject of accessories. In the past we’ve been keen to share some add-on’s that you can purchase for your new smartphone, for example a new case from ‘Case Mate” which gives peace of mind that your device will be protected from bumps and scratches, for a retail price of £15.95 or why not look at at a pair of Plantronics BackBeat 116 headphones or a new car dock for £34.99.

One to add to this list is that of the new black Sound Station or Sound Horn, which works as a dock and amplifies your music for that all-surround sound. According to, the new accessory works on the principle that the air ducting which is reported to be “one of a kind” actually amplifies and expands the sound quality. Added to this, you can also watch video content hands-free with the aid of 45-degree viewing in landscape, without the worry of having to charge the device at any time.

Now in terms of price we can hear you asking? The genuine Samsung Sound Horn as we prefer to call it, can be purchased from and will set you back in the region of £34.95 or converted $57. To find out more click here.

Let us know if you have been lucky enough to pick up a new Galaxy S2 and give us your thoughts on it? Have you had any teething problems, just recently we reported on feedback some consumers were leaving on networking site Twitter. What do you think about the new Sound Station or Sound Horn as its also known, worth the money, would you pay the above price?