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Sickening Facebook Scams Already Following Amy Winehouse Death

July 24, 2021 | Tim Ollason

These dirty Facebook crooks are so quick off the mark; they lay in wait of a massive world event or even a celebrity death and try to use it in a way to better themselves. We have seen the same thing happening time and time again; literally the day after the tragic passing of Ryan Dunn there was a scam we were telling you about. Now there’s another sickening Facebook scam following the Amy Winehouse death. You can see the first stage of the scam below.

The actual scam message says “Leaked Video!! Amy Winehouse on Crack hours before death” and it carries various messages including the one shown above, “Amy Winehouse getting high on crack just hours before she died” along with a few others. They include the following ones Miss Amy Winehouse DEATH film LEAKED Attention: Real Video, SHOCKING - Amy Winehouse’s Final Minutes, Amy Winehouse Night Before Death Video, SHOCKING - Amy Winehouse’s Final Minutes and Video leaked of amy winehouse’s death!!! Warning: Graphical Content. If this scam has managed to sucker you in and you have clicked on the link then you will be taken to the Survey scam page which is shown below.

This is the point the scammers wanted to get you to, they actually earn commission for people taking part in the surveys, and this is why they use shocking world news and things happening with various celebrities. You will have all also slammed this same scam on your own Facebook wall with you appearing to have liked it (even though you didn’t). This helps the scam to spread as people are much more inclined to click on something if they have seen on a friends wall with that all important like clicked.

If you have gone through the entire process then you are going to need to deal with this survey scam. To do that you will need to find it on your wall and then hit the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the post, then select “Report Post / Scam” from the drop down menu. Next you will need to follow our guide to make sure you don’t have any other nasties that you may have clicked on in the past. You can find out more information on these survey scams in an article over on by clicking here.

If you enjoy reading through these scams then maybe you should add me to your circles on Google+ and you can read through them as they are added there. Alternatively you can follow me on Twitter and read them there.

Have you seen this sick scam circulating over the last few days? Let us know in the comments section below.

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