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September Droid Bionic Release for Costco: What About Others?

July 24, 2021 | Debbie Turner

One of the smartphones that we’ve written about the most over recent months is the Motorola Droid Bionic coming to Verizon. Regular readers will know we’ve not held back with our enthusiasm for this handset and now many of the ‘improved’ specs have been leaked the main topic of conversation seems to be a release date. Now we have heard news that it looks as though Costco Sam’s Club won’t be selling the Droid Bionic until September, but the question now is, what about other retailers?

We’ll give you a brief recap on recent release rumors to remind you what we’ve heard so far. At the beginning of July we informed readers of a leaked internal screenshot, which showed the Bionic with a release date of August 4 and then more recently we told how signs were still pointing to that August 4 release date but as a note of caution told how Droid-Life had received news from sources saying the release may not be until September 1. Then two days ago we told of further clues, such as accessories appearing on Amazon, FCC filing notes and a new Verizon display unit holding a perfectly sized gap for a Bionic appearing. This once again led us to hold out hope of an August 4 release.

However news we’ve seen today, this time from Phil Nickinson over on Android Central, has confused the issue once more. Android Central claims to have leaked information from Costco Sam’s Club and a screenshot listing new launches clearly shows under Verizon, “Droid Bionic – pushed to September.” Some launch dates for other handsets include the LG Thrill for “late July,” the Motorola Photon 4G, “pushed to late July,” and the HTC Status, “late July,” so it looks like a busy week ahead. What does this mean for the general release of the Droid Bionic though?

It’s certainly difficult to say at this point but of course although we would have imagined it would launch on the same date everywhere there’s no reason why it might not still arrive on August 4 for Verizon and be available to other retailers at a later date. Over on Gotta Be Mobile, Adam Mills also discusses the September Costco Sam’s Club launch for the Droid Bionic and cautions those who have been patiently waiting for the release not to be too upset just yet at the thought of having to wait until September. Like us, Mills thinks it’s unlikely that the Bionic won’t be released at all until September but of course we have to point out that this is still possible, especially taking into consideration that September 1 as a release date has previously been mentioned.

Unfortunately then we still have no confirmed date for the Bionic release and we know that many of our readers have been very loyally waiting for its release. Seeing as so many have waited for so long we think it’s maybe about time that Motorola and Verizon gave potential customers some firm release details for the Bionic. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you one of those who’ve been hanging on for the Bionic and if so how much longer are you prepared to wait? Let us know with your comments.

UPDATE: Please note that since this story was reported, Android Central have updated its post to read Sam’s Club as the source instead of Costco.

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  • Anonymous

    Yah, and at the end of August, are they going to say “pushed until October”. Give us a firm date and I’ll wait. If not, I’ll switch to the first carrier who comes out with a dual core phone that I like.

  • BrianB13

    I’m buying the first 4G LTE dual core phone that comes out that works well. I don’t care who provides it.

  • Benjamin Forman

    I have been waiting like most for over 6 months for this phone, my upgrade was due back in late march. I wait and wait for this phone through delay after delay, i think if they do not release august 4th I may just settle for another phone, enough is enough. If motorola does not have the courtesy to give us a firm release date, we should not have the courtesy to keep waiting. Two more things, first if they are waiting for a heads up with the iphone5 to prove themselves that could be suicide as many people will buy the new i phone just because it is a new i phone. Second watch us wait and wait for the bionic and then they release it with some bs upgrades that were not worth the wait.