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Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) 6 Million Sold: Will US Release Be As Popular?

July 23, 2021 | Debbie Turner

In the last few weeks, or even months, there seem to have been three smartphones that have dominated the tech headlines, the Apple iPhone 5, the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II). What’s even more incredible is that although some great smartphones have released recently none of the above have even been launched yet in the U.S. Today we have news though that Galaxy S2 sales (from other regions) have already risen to more than 6 million units, and we’re wondering if the US release will prove just as popular.

It does seem rather odd that a handset that has seen such phenomenal success in other countries, still has to realize a US release and that’s something we’ve talked about many times recently. A Galaxy S2 US release is now tipped for August and is one of the most anticipated releases of the year so we can’t even imagine how much bigger those sales figures will be once it makes its US appearance.

News of the latest sales figures was brought to our attention by Thibault Munier-Richard of Digital Versus and it’s safe to say that with 6 million sold already, the sales record of it’s predecessor, the original Galaxy S, will be easily beaten. The Galaxy S sold 14 million units in under a year. Earlier this month we reported when the Galaxy S2 reached sales of 3 million after only 55 days on the market and now that figure has doubled to 6 million. If you take into account that the Galaxy S2 is only available in some regions and has been on the market for only three months now, that’s pretty impressive stuff.

Once the US release occurs then it would be likely that the Galaxy S2 would easily reach 10 million units sold by the end of this year. However we still can’t help thinking that if it had made a US appearance earlier it would have been a smarter move on the part of Samsung. Before now the competition for the Galaxy S2 in the US wouldn’t have been so great and Radu Tyrsina over on ITProPortal tells how the only handsets even close specs-wise have been the HTC Sensation, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Motorola Atrix and LG Optimus 2X. However now of course by the time the Galaxy S2 sees a US release it is likely to have to compete with not only the Motorola Droid Bionic on Verizon, but also the iPhone 5 expected to be launched in the fall. It does seem though that the Galaxy S2 has more than enough to hold its own and we can only see its success continuing to grow.

It seems certain then that the next few months of smartphone releases are set to be a pretty exciting time and we shall be observing all of the developments and of course, keeping our readers informed. What are your thoughts on the amazing success of the Samsung Galaxy S2? Do you think it will be just as popular in the US? Let us know with your comments.

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  • BrianB13

    The only way I would buy one is if its 4G LTE. Otherwise, I will get the Bionic as I doubt the iPhone 5 will be 4G LTE either.