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Patience Stretched at HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread: Update Delay:

July 23, 2021 | Debbie Turner

There’s some unsettling news today for those of you still waiting for the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for your HTC Thunderbolts. For some time now owners have been patiently, or not so patiently waiting for the operating system update which at one time seemed imminent. However it seems there will be a further delay.

Originally it was thought that the Gingerbread update was coming at the end of June but the end of the month came and went with no more mention. Then on July 9 we informed HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon owners of another update but unfortunately although this update fixed bugs there was still no arrival of Gingerbread. Since then things about a Gingerbread upgrade have been notoriously quiet until now when Kellex over on Droid-Life brings us some rather disquieting news, sourced from an HTC rep.

Droid-Life shows an email sent by an HTC rep to a customer in relation to the non-appearance so far of the Gingerbread 2.3 update. It’s apparent from the email that the 2.3 update is causing some sort of bug issue and so HTC has pulled it for now. Part of the email reads, “HTC has pulled back this update to keep future customers from receiving the update. We are working on getting this update fixed, when the update is relaunched you will receive a notification on your device.” More worrying still is that the email goes on to say that there is no estimated timeframe for when the issue will be resolved.

So it seems highly unlikely that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt will be delivered in the Q2 slot as most expected. As Thunderbolt owners have now seen many issues with their handsets you could not blame them now for feeling even more aggrieved. Meanwhile if none of this has put you off the HTC Thunderbolt, James Cushing over on The Gadgets tells how the Thunderbolt is now seeing some price reductions and that Wirefly is now selling it for only $60 on a Verizon new user two-year contract.

Cushing states though, and we’d definitely agree on this point, that you may be better off waiting for the release of the much-anticipated Motorola Droid Bionic also coming to Verizon. Why plump now for a handset that still isn’t running Gingerbread when the Droid Bionic, expected for release in the next week or so will be shipped running Gingerbread. Of course we also expect to see the Samsung Galaxy 2 for Verizon (Function) released in August, which is also an Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset.

As far as those of you who already have Thunderbolts are concerned, we shall of course keep our ears and eyes peeled for more news on that Gingerbread update and let you know as soon as we hear more. At the moment though, we can understand how your patience must be being stretched. Are you a Thunderbolt owner waiting for Gingerbread? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Alex Kalisz


  • Colin Hodo

    The Thunderbolt has good specs, a good screen, and great build quality. However, if you don’t plan on rooting, I’d probably be best to get something else.

  • Colin Hodo

    The Thunderbolt has good specs, a good screen, and great build quality. However, if you don’t plan on rooting, I’d probably be best to get something else.

  • Jesse Jones

    I see a class action lawsuit in the near future against HTCVerizon for people like me that paid $300 for this phone. (no gingerbread and 3-4 hour battery life is unacceptable for a $300 phone). Any attorneys listening?

  • Anonymous

    Rooting will help the phone’s battery life, google up “htc thunderbolt one click root” and it’s a simple to use program for windows pc. there is nothing easier you can find to root with than this. it just takes about 20-30 mins to complete but it’s stupid easy.

    you can even look up how to do it on youtube. You have to be rooted to get rid of Blockbuster.apk and the other verizon bloatware. By default those files are in “R/O read only” mode. Being rooted allows you to mount your thunderbolt’s file system into “R/W read write” mode allowing you to delete the unwanted .apk’s and .obex’s.

  • Antwan Houston

    By the time that update comes out, Verizon/HTC will be bringing out the TB 3D. Verizon is known for rushing mofo’s when making quality phones to compete with other carriers. Look what happened to the first touch screen BB (Storm). Now the same thing is happening with there first 4G LTE phone. And they wonder why so many people root their phones

  • Tim Cloutier

    I hope HTC knows that no one is going to buy their stuff if they always have bugs with their products. Maybe some people need to be fired so the company can move forward because it seems to be moving backward if anything…Gingerbread was the only thing that the HTC Thunderbolt owners have been looking forward to and now they feel like throwing their phones in the trash because like WTF Wirefly sells my phone for cheaper than what I bought it for. So what I get unlimited data but I barely ever go past 1.5 or 2 GBs ever. This is just ridiculous, I seriously just want a full refund for what I paid and I want a chance to get the Bionic or something that is actually worth getting. If they are having this many problems with something then maybe they should have even released the phone…like where is the skype video chat we were told to have?? This phone was promised to have skype video chat and WHERE IS IT??? I am tired of waiting I bought the phone it said it in the store that it had and now it probably won’t ever have and I think we should all just take some kind of legal action against them because this is getting way out of control. They act like we are nothing but we aren’t we are the customers and yes we do have some power of our own and it is getting close to the time when we need to use it.

  • Anonymous

    And when we get GB, We’ll want Ice-Cream Sandwich!

    This is just the way it works people.

  • Anonymous

    First, what is so important about Gingerbread? It does very little to change the functionality of the phone. The bugs (for most, at least) were fixed in the software update, so why is it so danged important to get Gingerbread? I mean, really! I have a Thunderbolt and it is a great phone. Considering the 4g LTE radio chip alone costs HTC $40, the price is fantastic. It’s a solid phone, and does most things beautifully. The Sense interface, to me (coming from a pretty good Gingerbreaded Droid X) is much more important to the user experience than Gingerbread will ever be.

    My phone is stable, solid, well built. My HTC extended battery and cover makes battery life not just acceptable, but fantastic! Yes, it cost $46.00, but worth it to forget about battery management tricks. I don’t even think about battery issues any more, and I use my phone, both voice and data, a LOT.

    I really don’t care if my phone EVER gets Gingerbread. 4G is why I wanted this phone, and it is everything it was supposed to be. I will upgrade my phone in another 2 years if there is something I feel I need and am not getting with the TB. Otherwise, it seems well-built enough to keep for as long as I want feel like it.

  • Anonymous

    The price of the phone is really inconsequential. The cost of the service is what matters. It is far, far more expensive to actually USE a phone than to own one.

    A cellphone, even a smart phone, is an expense, not an investment. Go look at the price of ANY used phone on eBay and you will see just how much a two 2-month old smart phone is worth.

  • Anonymous

    i have a rooted htc thunderbolt and it’s got stock froyo but i removed all the verizon bloatware. i can easily get 22-28 hours of life with gps radio on and on lite-use. i don’t have all that other non-sense going on in the background. the benefit to Gingerbread will be it’s speed and stability enhancements as well as cooler features and bug fixes and higher technologically advanced rom capable of doing stuff froyo cant do well or at all. embrace the rom updates, don’t hate them unless they’re blocking things like tethering and such.

  • Angel Villarini Jr

    I’m so disappointed that I’m considering leaving and joining Sprint! o_O yeah its that bad, thank you Verizon and thank you HTC.. I used to be your biggest supporter, now you suck! Oh and the update we received recently didn’t fix jack $hit all it’s done for me is screwed up my data receiver, now I find my phone on 3G or nothing at all.. Places where I had 4G all of a sudden fade in and out and I have to restart my phone to fix it.. Bull$hit I’m done FU Thunderbolt, FU HTC, and finally FU Verizon

  • Nick

    I am so friggin peeved at this whole corporate wireless service scamming you into a device with all the jarggin and gimmicks of what the device is and can do. My Thunderbolt worked flawlessly the first 1-2 weeks then it went to crap fast as each day passed. How does that happen????? Skype worked perfect the day I bought it(no longer), Gps was fast and flawless (now slow to respond even with July 9 update), echo in background, delayed voice. I have been to Verizon store and all of the so called techs are completly worthless. I swore before this contract I would never do it again, well this is the last time, I am so done with being roped into a device that never lives up to it’s hype. If any of you think it will be better with next device that is the corporate worlds hope. They behave as “There is a sucker born everyday” The only true way for users to get what was promised is to tell them to go screw at the end of the commitment you made to them.

  • Micah Quinlisk

    I really like Sense, but HTC makes garbage. I’ve owned an Eris(major problems), an Incredible(not as major), and the Thunderbolt.(MAJOR PROBLEMS to put it lightly) I will NEVER buy another HTC product again, and really want my $200 bucks back that I spent on this paper weight. Why would we expect them to upgrade the os if they can’t even get the phone to work properly? It’s like they don’t even know how their hardware works.

  • Micah Quinlisk

    That’s odd that you have a working Thunderbolt. Most people don’t. We want Gingerbread because we are hoping that it will make our massively overpriced phones work the way they advertised. I’m sure it will fix as much as the last update, which is nothing at all. There should be a lawsuit against HTC.

  • Micah Quinlisk

    I bet those ones work. Ours don’t. See the difference?

  • Micah Quinlisk

    Sign me up!

  • Patrick G. Bryant

    This was my first HTC product, and it will be my last. Motorola is not perfect, but my experience with past Motorola products like the first Droid, and the Droid X beat the crap out of the Thunderbolt.