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Release Rumor for iPhone 5: US September 5 & October 5 Elsewhere

July 22, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The Apple iPhone 5 rumors step up the closer we get to release, the same as with any other Apple product. A fall release has been widely speculated and we recently told how pointers from Apple’s quarterly conference call indicated a release before the end of September. We have further news today, albeit it further rumor, of an actual release date, September 5 for the U.S. and October 5 elsewhere.

As usual this is unconfirmed by Apple, notorious for its secrecy but as we know how many of you follow all the latest speculation about the iPhone 5 we thought we’d tell you more about this latest snippet. The news came to us from Christian Zibreg over on 9to5Mac and originated from iPhone Italia (translated). It seems that a senior executive for Swisscom, described as “a very reliable source,” has told how the iPhone 5 will arrive on Swisscom on October 5, one month after the US launch on September 5. It’s said that the executive who has initiated this latest rumor would certainly be in the know as Apple would have already contacted various carriers to set up the iPhone 5 launch.

However, if this were the case we’re surprised that other ‘people in the know’ haven’t already leaked the same information so for now we’d advise treating this latest rumor with a certain amount of skepticism. 9to5Mac also tells how Verizon CEO, Lowell McAdam referred to the iPhone 5 release in a conference call with analysts earlier today. McAdam said that the Big Red had expected the iPhone 5 in the summer but now expected a release in the fall. Although this would tie in nicely with the latest rumored dates 9to5Mac also state that iPhone Italia has a somewhat mixed record on product leads and also points to the fact that September 5 is a Monday, which would be a highly unlikely day for Apple to choose for the launch of a major new product.

A report on iClarified also tells of these new rumored release dates for the iPhone 5 and tells how the manager concerned who leaked the dates is 100% certain of the facts but of course there’s no evidence of this and it’s likely that Apple will keep us waiting until very close to the launch to indulge us with further news. Are you waiting for the iPhone 5 and do you think it’s at all likely that these release dates could be genuine? Let us know with your comments.

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