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Motorola Droid Bionic Further Clues: Pointing to August 4 Release

July 22, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The Motorola Droid Bionic coming to Verizon is very much the smartphone on everybody’s lips right now as we wait to hear confirmation of a release date for this long-awaited handset. There have been recent rumors of pricing and also an August 4 release date and it seems today that further clues make the August 4 release more likely with release pointers abounding.

So what are the further clues that are making us keep our fingers crossed for a Droid Bionic release in the first week of August. Firstly Chris Parsons over on Android Central, sourced from Droid Forums, tells us of a new Verizon display unit proudly proclaiming ‘coming soon.’ The Motorola display unit is holding the Droid X2 and Droid 3 on either side with a rather handy space for another Droid handset in the center. Of course as you might expect the phone is actually absent from the display but the signs are that a Bionic would fit there rather nicely. It’s highly unlikely that Verizon would want a display unit in its stores that would have such an obvious gap for any length of time so hold that thought.

Secondly another article on Android Central, sourced from Amazon, this time by Phil Nickinson, tells of some apparent Amazon product pages for Droid Bionic accessories. One is for a desktop dock and another is for a car dock with rapid charger, both featuring ESP technology. There are no prices available yet but you can sign up for notifications. The phone shown in the accessories looks stylish with a chrome rim and is likely to be the finished device. Added to this Kellex over on Droid-Life notes another Amazon image showing the reverse of the Bionic with a hump and the same image also shows what appears to be confirmation of the 8-megapixel camera that we expected.

Finally another article on Droid-Life by Kellex indicates that the FCC filing for the Droid Bionic shows a release date to the public for the external photos and also the users manual as being August 7, which would certainly make sense, just after the release date of August 4. All of these clues added together make us very hopeful indeed that the August 4 release date that has been so hotly rumored, is genuine.

Are you still patiently waiting for the Motorola Droid Bionic and if so are you satisfied that Motorola will have made it a device worth waiting for? Let us know by sending your comments.

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