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Sony Xperia Play: “Back To School” 50% Cut Price Promotion

July 21, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

Before Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play or certified PlayStation Phone as its known first released, there was much interest in the new device, unfortunately this soon died down. Although to some it may be the best thing since sliced bread as they say, its not hit sales figures that were initially expected. But that may be about to change with word that carrier Verizon will now be slashing the price.

What too, you will be asking us? According to PhonesReview, Verizon are currently advertising “Back to School” promotional material which lists the Xperia Play with a 50% price cut, this means that the device can now be picked up for a mere $99.99. Of course it would be silly of us to not ask the question of why? Considering the phone come gaming device was launched just a matter of months ago, we can only put it down to really a small handful of reasons.

Firstly the obvious price slashing could be down to the disappointing lack of sold units, for this very reason, Verizon have decided to make the Xperia Play more appealing with a lower pricing bracket. Secondly we know that consumers have been disappointed with the amount of playstation games that are available to them and as phonesreview clearly pointed out, a move to AT&T who are also retailing the device may be the better option, perhaps for this reason Verizon are trying to outdo their competition.

Rumor has it that the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play may be discontinued although we have to categorically say that this is only hearsay. Here at OSM in the last few weeks, we have been bringing you news regarding the latest “Back to School” deals. Some have included new products from Apple, examples of this have included new Macs with $100 iTunes credit, Samsung Series 9 laptops and just the other day Debbie reported on Verizon advertising two smartphones from their Droid range on a buy one get one free. Just our opinion we know, but we can see the advantages to perhaps buying a new laptop or even phone for your child(ren) but we’re not sure about a device that enables your child to play games whilst at school.

What are your thoughts on the Xperia Play price reduction? Are you tempted? If you have such a device, give us your thoughts on it, have you experienced any problems, was it what you hoped for?

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