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Samsung Galaxy S 2 (II) US Release Date: Confirmed For August

July 20, 2021 | Matt Tran

For months on end residents of the US have desperately been waiting to see when the coveted Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone would be released, wait no more. Today, Samsung’s president Shin Jong-kyun confirmed that the handset would start to be rolled out in the United States next month. The Korean firm did not elaborate on the announcement too much, but one thing is for sure, American’s will have their hands all over the Galaxy S II in August.

The Samsung boss confirmed the 2nd generation Galaxy’s US release at a South Korean launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, Kelly Olsen of Canadian Business reports. As usual the manufacturer could not be pinned down to an exact release date, but the fact that we know the S II will be out in the US next month will for sure be enough for most people. God forbid any further delays or complications.

Samsung’s flagship smartphone is a topic we regularly cover here at OSM, earlier we spoke about the Galaxy’s big delay being planned to steal the iPhone 5′s thunder. Also we saw how the S II had been feebly rumored for July 24th July, as well as that Samsung will step up from the Galaxy II with the Galaxy Q. Are you relieved about the late news?

We do believe that the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II has been prolonged because of the iPhone 5′s launch plan. Apple’s 5th generation smartphone is widely expected in September so it could be a clever move for Samsung to roll out their highly anticipated Galaxy a month earlier to whip up some serious competition. We expect this to be one of the greatest smartphone contests ever.

Samsung as you know just unveiled their new 10.1 Galaxy tab to challenge the iPad, so the Android Vs. iOS war is set for a real clash. According to The Economic Times, Shin is expecting Samsung to sell 5 times as many tablets in 2011 in comparison to last year. 2010 saw Apple sell over 1.5 million tablet PCs and they have really emerged in the last year. Do not forget that Apple has a running legal battle with Samsung which claims the Galaxy devices infringe on their patents.

If Samsung can oust Apple’s iPhone 5 sales with their own Galaxy S II sales then it will be a real victory for the Korean firm. Equally it could go the other way as Apple have been recording record sales figures on their iPhone and iPad devices. So now that we know when the Galaxy will be launched in the US, what does this mean for you? Will you get one, or gamble on the iPhone 5 in September and wait a little extra? Come on guys, let us know your thoughts on this in the comments, we are interested to hear them.

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  • liquid307 *****

    Samsung’s plan failed, Iphone coming in September. This is all bullshit by August we’ll have 6 moth old device ( launched in UK May 1st ). Also, remember Galaxy S3 was already announced to be released in 2012. So basically in 6-7 months there will be a Galaxy S3. FTS, I’m going to hold out like a 40 year old virgin.

  • Vicki Armstrong


  • Ross Binkley

    liquid, how does iPhone coming in September mean that Samsung’s plan failed? Sure, Galaxy S II may be 4-month-old hardware, but iPhone is not likely to even match it on specs, much less beat it, so I don’t see how Apple releasing a worse phone a month later really means Samsung’s plan failed. The real competition for the Galaxy S II will be the Droid Bionic, which should also be coming out in August. Maybe by next year, Apple will release something that will match what Moto and Sammy are releasing now.

  • Claes Persson

    Will this be a 4G (LTE) on Verizon?

  • Leo S

    I agree with Ross. Once the Galaxy comes out, people will be content enough with it that most will stay with Samsung and pass on the iPhone in the following month. I hope SGS2 will be 4G though.

  • j.k.massey

    I think it is a HUGE failure, I have waited a LONG time, so now that i know alot of GREAT phones are coming in August/September, I am going to wait a bit longer, I was set and ready for this, but the huge delay has turned me off of it, Anybody interested in a brand new Samsung galaxy s 2 case and New Zagg SGS2 screen guard for cheap, look me up on EBAY!!! Samsung just took too long……………. And I hope their sales are a HUGE failure.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you think that the US released Galaxy S2 will be an upgraded
    version. ie; nfc, gingerbread

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it will be LTE. Who would sign a two year contract for older technology.(3G).

  • Anonymous

    Not only is the Galaxy S2 a failure for late release, the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Iphone 4GS or 5 was to be released in June. We have three failures soon to be released.