Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) Cut In Half: Galaxy “R” Cheaper Option

It’s been known for some weeks now, that the Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) is storming the mobile phone market, others are no doubt finding it difficult to even get noticed. Selling huge amounts over and above its predecessor, the Galaxy S2 is definitely a phone to be reckoned with. But for how long we ask ourselves? Forthcoming handsets from Motorola such as the Droid Bionic and Photon 4G, Apple’s iPhone 5, the Nexus 4G, HTC Eternity and so on are all rumored to rival the high achieving Sammy offering.

But according to news today, there is yet another new Samsung handset, that is being compared to the Galaxy S2 but as a cheaper alternative. What you will be asking? Recombu have spoken about the Samsung Galaxy R which on paper has just a very small handful of differences but will make less of a burden on your wallet.

So what do we know about the Galaxy R? Appealing to the UK market at the present time, the rumored handset, although we are still in the dark as to what the initial stands for, will include a slightly smaller screen of 4.2-inches compared to the Galaxy S2’s 4.3-inch and in terms of its quality, the display will incorporate a Super LCD as oppose to the Super AMOLED Plus on the Galaxy S2.

As well as this, other rumored specs for the R include yet another dual-core processor, likely to be 1.2GHz, Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset and as reported, a little tweaking to its overall appearance and weight. This we know from some of our readers’ comments will come as a breath of fresh air, as many have questioned the Galaxy S2 and its fragile and light design, so will the Galaxy R fair well with a more sturdy and heavier appeal?

The Galaxy S2 wins hands down with its 8 megapixel rear camera and many forthcoming phones are rumored to be adopting the same feature, take the Droid Bionic and iPhone 5, although these may struggle against news of a HTC Blast concept phone in the pipeline which will have a staggering 12 megapixel.

Unfortunately the Galaxy R will be downgraded to a 5 megapixel but capable of 720p HD video. In terms of price, we are still waiting for concrete information but as to its release date, a rumored entrance will be sometime this month in the UK, although we do have to point out that it is only speculation, so take it with a pinch of salt and secondly we are fast approaching the end of July so it doesn’t leave much time.

We have to say that so far the Galaxy S2 has been a massive hit amongst consumers in all released countries, although for the States it is still a waiting game as no official launch date has been confirmed, a rumored date of 24th July on Sprint has been spoken about, that’s just a matter of days away.

What are your thoughts on a cheaper, slightly changed option to the Galaxy S2? Lets face it, apart from the change in rear camera, most of the other specs including that important dual-core processor will be the same.

  • liquid307 *****

    Samsung’s plan failed, Iphone coming in September. This is all bullshit by August we’ll have 6 moth old device ( launched in UK May 1st ). Also, remember Galaxy S3 was already announced to be released in 2012. So basically in 6-7 months there will be a Galaxy S3. FTS, I’m going to hold out like a 40 year old virgin

  • Bill

    I have to agree with liquid307, would liked to of had one if out now but don’t want an old left over from Europe. Will probably go with the Bonic or iphone 5 if I have to wait that long.