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Google+ Verification System to be Added: Validation Process

July 20, 2021 | Debbie Turner

The latest social network Google+, sometimes referred to as Google Plus, seems to be all the rage at the moment and we’ve written numerous articles on it already. Within a short time of release it had already gained millions of users but one of the things that we noted recently was that it needed a verifications system for celebs and notable people so that users knew the accounts were genuine. Now it seems that Google has plans to introduce verifications.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Google+ has absolutely taken off but in the article linked to above we told how many accounts were already being taken down, for example William Shatner’s, although it was later restored. We also noted that many fake accounts were being reported and it then seemed obvious to us that verifications were needed. Google plan to get on top of this problem by introducing an acquisition plan including verifications for celebrities, other public figures and also brands so that they can claim their own identities, according to Stan Schroeder over on Mashable, sourced from a CNN report.

It’s very easy to distinguish verified accounts on Twitter and Brett Schulte, a Hollywood consultant says that several different methods for verifications on Google+ are being discussed. Although Google has yet to confirm this, brands and businesses on Google+ have been advised not to create their profiles just yet so maybe Google already had verifications in mind. Facebook currently doesn’t have verified accounts but quickly removes fake profiles when asked. Schulte also said Google is “very interested in having celebrities” on Google+ and verifications would definitely make Google+ more appealing to those that fall into that category.

Yesterday we asked about Google+ demands on your time and asked if you might forego another network for Google instead so check that out at the link for more. Also you may be interested in the Google+ iOS app for iPhone that our Matt Tran gave details of. As well as that OSM’s Tim Ollason also told earlier today about the success of the app and how it had already hit the number 3 spot in the Top 25 Free Apps chart.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on Google+ introducing a verifications system. Maybe you’re surprised that verifications weren’t initiated from the off or maybe you have an idea for how this could work? Let us know your opinions on Google+ by sending us your comments.

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