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Google+ Hits 18 Million Users: Can It Be Stopped?

July 20, 2021 | Tim Ollason

The world of social networking has been turned upside down by Google and their latest bid to disrupt everyone with Google+. Already we have seen them destroy Yahoo to become the number 1 search engine, tackle Apple to have the most smartphones on their Google Android OS and now they have breached social networking! Google+ is set to hit 18 million users today and we are wondering can it be stopped?

We have been keeping an eye on the user count that Google+ has and we have already reported that it surpassed the 10 million marker with ease and 20 million was certainly in sight. Well 18 million isn’t too far off is it? These figures are so impressive, especially when you consider how long Google+ has been around.

Not only that but the fact that it’s still in beta, its invitation only and 18+ this is easily one of the fastest growing social networks the world has ever seen. You have to wonder how things will be when Google+’s production version hits the web, we see it completely erupting and perhaps soaring past Twitter within a few months. Twitter currently has around 200+ million users and then the next big boy to catch up with is Facebook.

At the moment, Facebook is the social network that holds the most users out of everyone with around 600+ million, but they seem completely intent on losing their customers for some reason. You only have to look at the way Google and Facebook handle their updates. Facebook’s update to their chat function is nothing short of disgraceful as it simply doesn’t work, surely you would test that function out, survey the results and then make a decision on whether or not you would go ahead with it!

Google on the other hand has released what can only be described as a slick, different and functional network that we are sure everyone will take to. Not only that but they have released the app for the iOS and for Android. There’s an article that was written today talking about the Google+ app and simply how good it is although, there are one or two things that could do with being updated, this is to be expected though.

Over on Mashable their author Ben Parr has added an article of his own where he is talking about the numbers and mentions that the juggernaut is beginning to show signs that it’s losing steam. You can also head over to a blog post by Paul Allen that explains why it’s slowing in figures by clicking here. You can also check out this graph which shows the gradual growing in terms of user numbers and why they say it’s starting to slow.

Do you think Google+ will be the biggest social network? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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