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Free Google+ App For iOS Doing Well: As Good As The Website?

Yesterday OSM’s Matt Tran reported that the iOS app had officially launched onto the iTunes App Store and that the Android version had been updated. With that being the case we were thinking a little more about the Free Google+ app for the iOS and we can see its doing well, but is it as good as the website?

Google+ is the latest craze in the world of social networking and already the new site is doing rather well. Although yesterday it was a little difficult to find, now it’s trending in the “Top Free” 25 apps. At the time of writing this article it’s appearing in third position but with Google+’s popularity we are certain this will go to number one and it could be there for some time.

Free Google+ App For iOS Doing Well: As Good As The Website?

For the app to hit the third spot while the new network is in the beta stages is pretty impressive. It just goes to show that of the 10 million+ users that have signed up to the new service there’s a fair few of them rocking with the Apple iDevices. So far we haven’t really come across too many bugs with Google+’s website version, as things stand the majority of us at OSM really like it and can see it doing extremely well in the future.

The number of users it has managed to accumulate while it’s in an invite only and over 18s only stage just goes to show how much people have wanted the Facebook alternative from Google. Personally, as soon as I heard about Google+ I thought it would do well, you only have to look at the way Google is marketing itself to realize that the quality will be of a high standard. You only have to look at their seamless search engine and the way that a number of manufacturers have taken to their Google Android OS for smartphones and tablet PCs.

The interface they use on the app is slick; you swipe across the screen to see the different views from within your stream which includes Circles, Incoming and Nearby. The nearby function looks like in the future it will include some kind of deals much like that of Facebook, they would be silly not to include it really! The app oozes quality with high quality imaging and it’s so smooth to work with. Kudos to Google as we think the app is pretty much as good as the website. There will undoubtedly be the odd difference between the two here and there but overall they are both more than impressive at the moment, so far the only downside on the app we have come across is not being able to share a link. You can also download the app from the official Apple store so you can load it onto your Apple device later by following this link.

What are your thoughts on both the website version and the app version of Google+? Let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

  • Jonathan Cordes

    For whatever reason that I cannot figure out, it’s not avaliable on the iPod Touch. That’s strange, since usually any iPhone app can run on the iPod Touch, unless it requires flash.

  • In Touch Promotions

    I like the swipe capability. One thing I’ve noticed is that when you’re in “Notifications,” and it seems to freeze up, if you tap the arrow to the right of a notification, and give it a minute, it will go to that post.