Modern Warfare 3 Accessories: Turtle Beach Headsets To Start

A big talking point in the gaming world and also in terms of technology is the global trend of Call of Duty. This has been one of the most successful franchises that I personally have ever seen in the gaming world and would go as far as putting it right up there with Super Mario and Sonic. Now we are hearing about some of the Modern Warfare 3 accessories starting with the Turtle Beach headsets.

We have reported on both Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and different sets of cans recently so let’s recap on both subjects. Firstly, Modern Warfare 3 recently launched their Facebook page where fans of the franchise can get their news and game updates as well as announcing on the same social network that the MW3 trailer was coming. When it came it rocketed on YouTube sending fans into a frenzy.

As for headphones we have reported on quite a few different ones recently, not all gaming. They include the official PS3 headset, the Mad Catz Tritton Xbox 360 headset and of course the Turtle Beach XP500s of which today’s subject are a variant. According to an article over on Engadget by Joe Pollicino where he is reporting on a few MW3 branded devices from the guys at Turtle Beach.

The headsets aren’t cheap, one of them will burn a nice hole in your wallet at $300 but it’s compatible with the Xbox 360, PS3 and also with the Sony PS3. The issue with CoD about having a headset for games like CoD is the sound is constant, in other words there’s not an accurate depth perception… For instance when you run past someone behind a door you should be able to hear the footsteps nearing and then going past. If there are any Counter-Strike players reading then they will be able to tell you the importance of a decent headset.

Turtle Beach released this information in the form of a PDF document which you can read by clicking here. Within the document they tell us all about the headset that is co-branded with CoD MW3. The most notable points about the device include the carrying case which comes pre-loaded with unique custom Modern Warfare 3 presents and voice prompts as well as having Dolby 7.1 surround sound and Bluetooth connectivity.

There are a few other MW3 branded products that these guys are bringing to market with the big player, these are the Ear Force Bravo at $150, the Ear Force Charlie at $130 and the Ear Force FoxTrot at $100. The full details of all of these devices are available in the press release by clicking here.

These bad boys look to be available in October with some “bonus content” as Engadget point out gives you some time to set some money aside for November 8th… the release date of the new highly anticipated game.

What do you think of these co-branded headphones from Turtle Beach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.