HTC Puccini: FCC Reveals AT&T Intentions

It’s strange how the world of tablet PCs never really took off, not until Apple introduced the iPad anyway. Tablet PCs were seen as pointless as you could simply carry a laptop but the advancements they have made makes them much more relevant to everyday life. Now we are hearing more about the HTC Puccini and how the FCC application has revealed the AT&T intentions of the manufacturer’s tablet PC.

If you were to look at the market for these slated devices and what Apple has done for all the manufacturers that we now see dabbling in it, you could sum it up in a single word… Revolutionize. Personally I feel that the competitor manufacturers have a lot to thank Apple for in terms of revenue because they made a market out of nothing.

At OSM we are all grateful for it too as it means there’s a lot of different devices that we can report the news on to you and lots of new tablets coming out. The problem that the majority of them have when they are released is they struggle to compete with Apple and their two models of iPad; you only have to look at what happened with the Motorola Xoom that had all the hype in the world, it barely made a scratch.

When we first started hearing about the HTC Puccini tablet PC it always looked like it was going to be a summer release, since then it has had a few reports run on it including a direct comparison with the Apple iPad 2. Let’s just recap on some of the specifications of HTC’s new device.

As things stand we know that the HTC tablet will have Android Honeycomb as the operating system, a 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen and a MSM8660 dual-core processor running at 1.5GHz.You can read the full known specifications of the device over on Over on their author Joseph Volpe has added an article of his own that certainly points the HTC device towards being on AT&T.

He mentions that the device which carries the model number PG09410 will have GSM 850, 1900MHz frequencies and 3G WCDMA 850, 1900MHz bands on the snazzy slate. The one thing that has interested more people though is the inclusion of the LTE radios which is great news. Now all these guys need to do is price it competitively with the Apple iPad 2 and they could be onto a winner providing the build quality is good (judging on their smartphones it certainly will be). You can head over and read through all the FCC notes yourself by clicking on this link.

What do you think of the new tablet PC from HTC? How much do you think it will cost? Let us know in the comments section below.