Google+ (Plus) iPhone App Officialy Launched- Android Updated

The increasing success of Google’s social network, “Google+” has prompted the launch of another app. It is Apple who are now introducing the social application in to their “App Store”, something which of course Android has already done. More and more are hopping on to the “Google Plus” (depending on how you like it) bandwagon, with over 10 million users now on board.

The app is available to download for free right now on Android and this theme will be continued for the iPhone. Mashable reports that the 3 main features that the iOS app will center around is Stream, Huddle and Circles. It has also been announced that the Android version of the app will also get an update so that user experience is increased. The reception to Google Plus so far has been tremendous and it has not even gone public yet.

The first feature included in the Google Plus iPhone app is “Stream” which shows you updates from the people in your circle and what they are saying. The concept of Google+ is staying close to your friends, you organize your friends or contacts in to groups for sharing all kinds of things. The next feature is “Huddle” which is a group IM service which allows you and your circle chat really quickly. The final big feature to take from the app is “Circles” which simply lets you share what you want with the people in your group.

So far the app has got a positive response but it has been reported as very buggy, with several iOS versions suffering. The app does not work at all on the 3rd beta version of iOS 5 and also it keeps repeatedly crashing for users of iOS 4. Many complaints have been voiced about these issues and the product manager for Google+ Mobile, Punit Soni, has announced that updates will soon be coming.

The same can be said of Android who have just reportedly rolled out an update which has fixed bugs and added extra features. Technology Nerd has reported that the bugs fixed are issues with the Swype keyboard and the ability to dismiss a huddle invitation from a person who you have never huddled with before. Have you updated your Android phone with the new version of Google Plus yet?

Additional features that the update brings are firstly performance improvement, the ability to set a picture you are viewing as your wallpaper, the ability to customize your Stream to show streams from individual circles, and also a new user interface which allows adding multiple people or entire circles to an existing group Huddle. So do these features sound like they will improve your social experience? Why not leave us a comment telling us how good the app is for your device.