Twitter Reacts To FIFA USA Women’s Soccer Loss: Japan Elate

Online social networking site Twitter has now just celebrated a huge figure of 200 million Tweeps (followers), which per day send on average at least 350 billion tweets (messages), that’s massive numbers, click here for more details. Added to this some 600,000 new users are accessing the site on a daily basis. The site which started up in 2006 is enjoyed not just by the everyday person but a fair few celebrities as well. In the past we’ve spoken about Facebook’s rival being used as a way of announcing an event, a birth, tributes to an individual and so on.

Today news is of the USA Women’s Soccer Team who played against Japan in the FIFA World Cup Finals at the weekend. Unfortunately the US team lost but it hasn’t stopped Twitter being inundated with fans sending in their messages of kindness. According to Mashable, the game which coincidentally is the sixth FIFA Women’s World Cup competition was held in Germany from 26th June through to yesterday 17th July 2011.

After a gripping game and a 3-1 win to Japan, as wikipedia stated, Japan became the first Asian team to lift the FIFA World trophy. As well as the game becoming a huge talking point on Twitter, Google have noticed an increase in traffic in relation to the game’s outcome.

Pocketlint reported that on Twitter 7,196 tweets per second (TPS) were on average being sent with hashtags being used such as #worldcupfinal, Congrats Japan, Great Game and so on. This beats the men’s final in 2010 which attracted some 3,051 TPS. In fact Sunday’s game has broken all Twitter records since its launch some 5 years ago.

Tweets varied including one from @BarackObama which said, “Couldn’t be prouder of the women of USWNT after a hard-fought game. Congratulations to Japan, Women’s World Cup Champions.”

TV personality and talk show host Piers Morgan tweeted, “After all Japan has been through this year, I’m thrilled the country’s people finally have reason to celebrate.”

Massive Twitter topics in the past have included the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami with some 5,530 TPS, followed by the announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death with 5,106, Super Bowl XLV with 4,064 and lastly The Royal Wedding in April between William and Kate bringing in 3,966.

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