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Xbox 720 Inclusion “Avatar” Style Graphics: 3D On The Map

July 18, 2021 | Maddy Rowe

At times its a job to keep up with news of latest technological advances and if its not the latest smartphone or tablet device, then its an upgraded gaming console. The latest is that of the forthcoming Microsoft Xbox 720 which will fit in with rival competition from Sony’s new PS Vita and Nintendo’s Wii U.

Not much is yet known about the new Xbox 720 as its named at the moment, but in past articles written, we’ve asked whether you think that Microsoft should bring out a new version now, perfect opportunity to slide past Sony in light of their recent PSN problems.

Today according to Slashgear, there is some promising news in relation to the new Xbox 720 and its that of its graphics. Chip maker AMD has stated that the graphics being used will be compared to that seen on James Cameron’s Avatar top selling movie smash.

Along with this, suggestion is pointing to the new console featuring upped power levels, giving characters on the screen their own personalities and individually carrying out their own tasks.

In light of Microsoft’s new gaming console, many have questioned firstly whether we will actually see it and secondly that its arrival will not be until at least 2014. Over at, this was backed with mention that this will give Sony and Nintendo time to bring out their new additions i.e., the PS Vita and Wii U. Gaming giants GameStop have said, “Management does not expect new hardware consoles from Microsoft and Sony until 2014, however, a successful launch of Nintendo’s Wii U in 2012 could add pressure to accelerate a hardware refresh.”

We know that the other console causing much debate in the gaming world is that of Sony’s PS4. Whilst the PSN outage caused a huge amount of disappointment, anger and frustration, we asked whether Sony’s brand would be able to come back from this when the the PS4 arrived? Rumored specs for an upgraded model have included a Kinect build to it, new redesigned PSN along with part makers Foxconn and Pegatron Technology taking an active role in its build.

Tell us whether you are hoping to see a new Xbox 720 and is it a good move to release it after Sony and Nintendo’s new consoles? What are you hoping to see from the Xbox 720, are new Avatar graphics a must-have?

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  • Anonymous

    Given the cost of making Avatar the movie, I think lots of game developers will be in two minds about such a machine. They are already having to “maximise” the profits from current products, note the re-using of assets in so many game series. If the cost of developing increases significantly, some publishers and devs will go bust.

  • Brett Williams

    advatar style graphics is a medium place to put the graphics obviously the tools that go alone with it with be better than the film as u have to pay actors ect and this cost alot more than making a Fantasy person in a game , plus the tools have already been “used” normally it goes by the CGI in current games is what you will be playing so YES i expect Cgi graphics in todays games to be the norm in next gen . simply put.